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Learning Day at Wikimania 2015: Looking backEdit

On July 15, 2015, Community Engagement teams hosted a Learning Day: an opportunity for community members to share something they learned running a Wikimedia program, doing research or engaging the local community in other ways.
Topics ranged from SMART proposals to engaging volunteers, and reporting and storytelling. Participants also had a chance to review useful learning tools, like surveys, Wikimetrics, GLAMTools, and the Education Extension. (view the original event page)
In this page, you will find presentations shared by community members in the format of Lightening Talks, as well as core themes. Through the participant feedback, we learn what topics were most understood and likely to be used in the near future. Enjoy!

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Learning Day OutputsEdit

Lightening talksEdit

Community members chose to share in the sum of all knowledge... about Wikimedia programs. There was a variety of topics presented.

Presentations sharedEdit

This workshop presentations' were designed to engage participants in applying the contents shared. Find the exercises at the end of each slide set!

Participant feedbackEdit

Over the course of the workshop day, more than 25 program leaders joined together to share thoughts, practices, and lessons learned, teaching them to plan and execute more effectively.
During our time together, we discussed key concepts such as SMART objectives, metrics tools, volunteer engagement, and storytelling. At the end of the workshop, participants felt at least somewhat, many «mostly» (67 percent) or «very» (13 percent), prepared to take back workshop concepts and tools to implement in their learning and evaluation next steps.
The majority of participants indicated that they would apply their learning in the next 30-45 days by:

  • Developing measures or using data tools to capture outcomes (57%)
  • Using surveys to capture participant or community input (57%)
  • Using storytelling strategy to share learning from your work to the operation of their programs (50%)

89% of participants who completed a pre- and post-survey demonstrated increased comprehension of key terms and 88% demonstrated increased comprehension of the core concepts covered.