Learning and Evaluation/Community Health learning campaign/Participants

Learning Campaign:
What does
a healthy community
look like to you

This consultation is now closed. Thanks to all that took part in it!
The analysis will be announced at Wikiconference USA, and published online afterwards.

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Name and surname Username Home wiki Contribution
Mohammed Sadat Abdulai Masssly en Global
Luis Ulzurrun B25es es Global
Lane Rasberry bluerasberry en Global
Bohdan Melnychuk Base uk Global
Ammar Tivari Ammartivari sq Global
Bezara Florent Roussel BeGasy mg Global
Farkhad Fatkullin Frhdkazan tt Global
Sar Goth Sargoth deWP Drawing + Answers
Eran Rosenthal ערן he Global
Romaine Romaine nl Global
Kerry Raymond Kerry Raymond nl Global
Yusup Ramdani Uchup19 su Global
Hispalois Hispalois es diff
Raphael Berchie Rberchie en Global
Mykola Kozlenko NickK uk Contribution
Sydney Poore FloNight en Global
Zoe Lee Zoeannl en.wikisource Grants:Evaluation/Community_Health_learning_campaign/Questions
Julius - Julius1990 de.wiki Contribution
Tanweer Morshed Tanweer Morshed bn Global
Juandev cs.wv Global
Başak Tosun Basak tr Answers
Alessandro Marchetti Alexmar983 it Contributions, Contributions + Answers
Omshivaprakash H L Omshivaprakash kn Contributions
psanchez820 psanchez820 es Drawing
Nurunnaby Chowdhury hasive meta Drawing
Filip Maljković dungodung sr Drawing
Ad Huikeshoven Ad_Huikeshoven nl Drawing
Cactusinred Cactusinred en Drawing
Ana Victoria Alcántara Iturbe Usuario:Lunita28mx es Drawing
Fernando Fernando2812l es Drawing
Diino circ Diino circ es Drawing
Gereon K. Gereon_K. de Drawing
Gordon P. Hemley GPHemsley en Drawing
Rohini Rohini en Drawing
Miguel-1.mx Miguel-1.mx es Drawing
Dineshkumar Ponnusamy Dineshkumar Ponnusamy ta Drawing
Hana Yariv hanay en Drawing
Rosy de la Garza Rosymonterrey es Contributions, Answers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 y 6.
Ginevra Sanvitale Atropine it Drawing
Slowking 4 Slowking4 meta Drawing
Andrea Jaluj es Drawing
Nabin K. Sapkota Nabin K. Sapkota en Drawing
María Fernanda López Maferlona es Drawing
Kenrick Kenrick95 en Drawing
Niharika Kohli Niharikakohli meta Drawing
Chris Keating The Land en Drawing
Romy LV romy lv es Drawing
Oved Ovedc he, en Drawing
Anjuhu anjuhu en Drawing
Emnamizouni Emnamizouni ar Drawing
Xeper Xeper de Drawing
Ekalian ekalian meta Drawing
Agilight Agilight ru Drawing
Superzerocool Superzerocool es Drawing
Discott Discott en Drawing
Thamizhpparithi Maari Thamizhpparithi Maari ta Drawing
Techistoria Techistoria en Drawing
Chibbs007 Chibbs007 en Drawing
Yan Nasonov Ynhockey en Drawing
Olimar Olimar fi Drawing
Viswaprabha Viswaprabha ml Drawing
Krish Dulal Krish Dulal ne Drawing