A multingüal and remote (expanded-)community celebration for Wikipedia's 20th Aniversary in Spain
targeteswiki, cawiki, euswiki, galipedia, wikipedia n'asturianu, general Wikimedia Movement
strategic priorityIncreasing Participation
event dates15 Jan 2021 + materials trhought out the whole year
amountUSD 9,880.06
creator• [[User:Florencia Claes|Florencia Claes]]
contact• florenciaclaes(_AT_)•
organization• WMES

Event overviewEdit

Purpose and vision

Please give a brief description of the event you are planning. What do you hope to accomplish during the event? Why is this event important for your community?

Having in mind that big in person events would be difficult to plan/celebrate in the coming months due to the pandemic, it would be lovely to provide our local communities with new ways of celebrating themselves and Wikipedia. The 20th Anniversary is a great milestone to give value to our existing community (including readers, editors from different language versions of Wikipedia in Spain and partner institutions). We are planning to celebrate this diverse community and give their accomplishments in the last 20 years visibility by producing a video that will put faces and voices to the human side of Wikipedia, as a way of documenting and giving credit to their volunteer work. We will also be organizing a virtual event with different sessions dedicated to different targets for a get together celebration.

  • Morning session with GLAM institutions (featuring our top 10 GLAM Ambassadors)
  • Birthday-cake Ceremony with joint communities (featuring representatives from the top 5 language communities in Spain: Spanish, Catalan, Euskera, Galician and Asturian)
  • Get a drink with the Wikipedia Community session (5 rooms in Mozilla Hubs for newbies, curious and wikipedians to get together and discuss different topics while celebrating in an informal virtual space).

The whole celebration will be enhanced through social media and different ways of participation will be encouraged for people who are not able to join the virtual event but still want to share their birthday wishes to Wikipedia. WMES is planning a whole content program based on the idea of the 20th Anniversary for 2021 and the video will be the key link to it and the achievements the Wikipedia community has made.

Do you consider this to be a Regional; Thematic or Growth event? You can read more about each category here.
This will be a mixture between Regional and Growth event: On one side there’s a focus on nurturing the actual Wikipedia community in Spain by experience sharing, networking and celebrating the diversity of our actual volunteer/readers/partnership community. On the other side, there is an aim of trying new approaches for outrage and getting together activities through remote events.

Is it a Remote, or in-person event?
This will be our first big remote event and we’re excited about it :)

Important details

Please add key information to the table below. The dates, location and number of participants can be estimates and do not need to be finalized at this time.

Proposed date(s) 15th January 2021
Proposed location Virtual platforms (Zoom + Mozilla Hubs) - Spain but open to anyone
Number of participants 100
Event page A specific landing page on WP 20th Anniversary will be developed under WMES website. A Meta/Wikipedia page will also be created for the virtual event.
Primary contact person Florencia Claes


Community inputEdit

Use the results from the community engagement survey to fill in the table below. Since you cannot cover all topics or meet all needs at one event, prioritisation is important. Please rank the priority of each topic, skill, project or problem as high, medium or low. Finally, please answer the questions in the table below, if any of the questions are not relevant leave it blank.

Description Priority
Strategic discussions:

What are the top issues affecting your community that need to be discussed in person?

Raising awareness on WP and its communities, welcoming newcomers from different backgrounds. High
Capacity development:

Are there important skills that many people in your community need to learn?

Focus on the community side of WP (discussions, networking, in-platform-decision-making), tips for newcomers, integration with other Wikimedia projects such as Wikidata Medium
Working groups:

Are there joint projects that need to be planned in person?

Community building:

Are there other in-person activities are important for community building?

Getting together, seeing people’s faces and celebrating the diversity of the community and gathering around the shared values of free knowledge. High

Survey analysis:

  1. How many people did you send the survey to? How many people responded to the survey? ---> We sent the survey to our membership as well as other working groups and language communities in Spain. Despite the short term we had to run the survey (6days), we were able to gather responses from 15 Wikimedians. We had respondents from several language communities that are important within our country: Spanish (93,3%), Catalan (33%), Galician (13,3%), Euskara (6,7%), Asturian (6,7%) and English (13,3%). And we also got participation from ally groups working to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia.
  2. Did you see consensus around shared goals that this community wants to focus on in the next 12 months? What were the top 2 goals? ---> We did. Community survey results show that the focus on the WP20th Anniversary celebrations should focus on: 1) giving visibility to the diverse WP community (language, backgrounds, roles, expanded communities) while helping editors connect with each other and celebrating their achievements. 2) raising awareness on WP and how anyone can participate the Free Knowledge Movement.
  3. Based on survey responses, what are the most important things your community should do at the conference to achieve those goals? ---> Participants should actively engage in celebrations. Suggestions received from survey responses include: hosting a virtual party, creating a commemorative video, organizing thematic virtual encounters, launching a big social media campaign and engaging with mass media.


Venue and LogisticsEdit

1. Do you have any proposed venue for the event? If so, please share details (such as: how far is it from the airport or transportation hub; how close is it to the hotel, do you anticipate any challenges with using the space for the event you are planning?)
The event will take place online and it will be promoted through an intense communications campaign. There will be a morning session with partner/GLAM institutions and an evening ceremony open to everyone (we expect around 100 people to connect although there’s bandwidth in our account to host more). We will use WMES Zoom channel to host those 2 formal sessions and afterwards in the evening we will split into 5 different interest groups to have a more informal encounter through Mozilla Hubs (max 25 participants in each salon)
2. Is the event venue and hotel accessible for people with physical disabilities?
Yes it is. There will also be direct translation in the virtual event chat/platform to make sure the multilingual approach of the event is achieved.
3. Are you planning to outsource some of the services? For example - a travel agency, an event production service?

Just for the website, design and video production. WMES has expertise in online sessions.

Friendly space policyEdit

All WMES events follow the Wikimedia Foundation Friendly Space Policy. In this case we will also take into consideration the specifics of virtual events and the expertise we got on fighting harassment and trolling during the online sessions we celebrated on the 1st part of the COVID-19 crisis in Spain. Several moderators will be assigned for the virtual celebrations and they will receive training on how to proceed beyond violations of our Friendly space policy + how to remove trolls from our virtual salon if needed.


It is crucial that most participants have a minimum level of Wikimedia experience so that they can engage actively in workshops and discussions. Please answer all applicable questions below.

1. Please describe the target audience for this conference or event.
Mainly focused on the Wikipedia Community in Spain: including readers and editors for the most frequently visited language versions of the enciclopedia (Spanish, Catalan, Euskera, Galician and Asturian) as well as partner and GLAM institutions who are willing to embrace new policies to enhance free knowledge. Open to everyone with an interest on free culture and the Wikimedia Movement.
2. If your conference has an outreach component to also target non-wikimedian individuals or mission aligned institutions, can you explain your intention for this outreach (for example: how will you ensure engagement with these participants after the conference, and what impact do you see them having on the projects)?
We expect non-wikimedian individuals to join the virtual event to learn more and potentially join the Movement. The methodology of the evening sessions will address keeping in touch steps so they can reach WMES and WMES can reach them after the event (mail address collecting, social media campaign, shared links to + info resources such as landing page, 20th Anniversary video, etc.)
The same kind of engagement methodology will be adapted and carried out in the morning session of this Wikipledia Day with institutions.
We believe the production of a 20th Anniversary video will be the perfect resource for both giving value to the actual Wikipedia community in Spain and having an outreach mission by creating awareness and curiosity on the Wikimedia Movement and the various methods/roles to adapt when joining.
3. Are you thinking about collaborating with potential partners? Such as national; educational or thematic groups and organizations? If so, will this partnership be a financial one (such as sponsorship), or a visionary one (to collaborate in regards to the content of the event)? Please share some details if you have any.
We will define GLAM Ambassadors in at least 10 partner institutions (mainly GLAMs) to take part into the 20th Anniversary campaign to assure participation in social media, virtual event and video production.
4. In which ways can WMF staff support your event onsite? If you would like support, please list the different capacities in which we can support, or describe how you would like WMF staff to be involved in the event. (Some examples of WMF support or involvement might be: for outreach and communication efforts; to lead specific sessions; for legal or safety reasons, etc).
We will be delighted to work with several WMF teams to boost the event. Graphic materials for the 20th Anniversary would be great to have, as well as guidance on the organization/evaluation of this event, taking into account that this will be the very first time we organize such a big online event and undertake a video production. We would also love to count with Maria Sefidari from the WMF Board of Trustees to act as a key note speaker in the Event.


1. How many scholarships would you like to offer and what expenses will the scholarship cover?
N/A. The virtual event will be open to anyone who wish to join for the evening celebration. Specific invitations will be sent to the GLAM sector for morning celebration. Both sessions will be recorded and available for consultation after live streaming.
2. How will scholarship recipients be selected?
3. Do you plan to target or prioritize specific communities or participants?
We want to get a balance between GLAM/potential partners + actual community + newbies
4. How will you insure diversity and inclusion in your scholarship process?

Resources and risksEdit

Describe the resource potential for successfully executing this project and the key risks/threats.


Organizing team
Team User Names
WMF Liaison Florencia Claes
Logistics Rubén Ojeda (WMES)
Conference Program Florencia Claes
Communications Virginia Díez (WMES)
Volunteer Coordinators Rubén Ojeda (WMES)
Other team members Millars



Examples of risks, along with how you would minimize or overcome them, are:

  • Lack of participation from GLAM institutions and other partners: 1) Defining GLAM Ambassadors between our most frequent allies in advance. 2) Designing clear and easy guidelines to join the campaign from stakeholders point of view
  • Lack of participation from different language/background communities: Working with other affiliates in Spain to make sure all communities are represented in the virtual event
  • Skill gaps in video production and audiovisual narratives: Working with a professional team to make sure the investment meets our Movement’s needs and quality standards
  • Technical problems accessing virtual event: 1) Developing and communicating best practices to enhance conexion for all participants 2) Defining a remote help hot line via chat/e-mail/telegram.
  • Components of the measurement process could be hard to quantify: Working with the WMF Learning & Evaluation Team to develop an appropriate measurement and evaluation plan.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines.

Event budget table
Item description Unit Number
of units
per unit
Total cost
Total cost
Virtual Celebrations
Cake Ceremony Set of 20 Cupcakes 6 56 336€ Personalized cupcakes forming message “20 años de Wikipedia”, as per quote from Oh My Cup!
Landing page Development 1 500 500€ WMES subdomain for 20th Anniversary to be live all year 2021. With info and access to virtual celebration event + celebration videos + related activity in social media + link to WMF Anniversary hub
Total Virtual Celebrations 836€
Communications & Materials
WP 20th Anniversary Video Production 1 6,400€ 6,400€ Including teaser + sum-up Birthday video + series of 6 specific short videos with community and partners interviews focus on the human achievement that is Wikipedia. As per estimated quotations from 3 independent film production companies and taking into account related costs and travel to 6 different locations within Spain to include diversity and different language communities in the final art.
WP 20th Anniversary Greetings Pack - Production 500 0,75 375€ Including customized envelope + letter of instructions + A5 greeting card for social media campaing + 2 stickers
WP 20th Anniversary Greetings Pack - Design 1 300 300€ Adaptaion of graphic materials (taking into account the design WMF will provide to local communities) as per quote from designer and illustrator Laura Asensio
WP 20th Anniversary Greetings Pack - Shipping 200 0,75 150€ Estimation based on previous experience
Total Communications & Materials 7,225€
Other Expenses
Reserves 403€ For unforeseen expenses (5% of the total)
TOTAL 8,464€ 9,880,06$
Total cost of event
EUR 8,464.05 (USD 9,880.06)
Total amount requested from the Conference and Event Grants program
EUR 8,464.05 (USD 9,880.06)
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this event, and amounts funded
There will be no additional sources, except WMES staff and volunteers time for coordination/development and WMES technical resources and online platforms for virtual event celebrations.
Please confirm that you are aware that changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.



Do you think this project should be selected for a Conference Grant? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project in the list below. Other feedback, questions or concerns from community members are also highly valued, but please post them on the talk page of this proposal.