Grants:APG/Proposals/2019-2020 round 1/Wikimedia Nederland/Staff proposal assessment

Staff assessment summaryEdit

Wikimedia Nederland is a good example of stability in our movement, at the same time as it is a model of adaptability and innovation. WMNL presents a plan for 2020 with its legacy programs around Community, Free content and Outreach, with a common thread of increasing diversity, which matches efforts to align with the 2030 Movement Strategic Direction. Increasing diversity for WMNL is meant both at the content level as it is at the contributor level. Most activities in the Community and Free content programs aim at motivating participation for individuals but also for strategic partners. 2020 shows a will to also increase efforts towards increasing fundraising and sponsoring.

Strategy and programsEdit

Wikimedia Nederland has been operating off their strategic plan developed in 2018 but also with regular updates through community consultations: brainstorming and on-Wiki discussions for this plan. WMNL has a thoughtful approach to evaluation, which shows beyond their use of grant metrics in the use of internal metrics and evaluations they conduct to understand the quality and impact of their programs. This ongoing evaluation is used to adapt programs and activities when needed.

WMNL details in its plan its focus on diversity, which spans all programs. Two cross cutting initiatives are at the heart of WMNL's efforts to increase diversity: Gender Gap and The Netherlands and the World, which have been pursued for some time now. This focus hinge on forming relevant partnerships with institutions or civil society actors that have relevant knowledge about these topics, and supporting relevant groups in active communities that are working on these topics.

In its Program "Community", WMNL puts an emphasis on all round community support, from face to face meetings (Wiki Saturdays, New Year's gathering…) to training courses about Wikipedia and sister projects (for example Wikidata). WMNL also provides facilitation for moderator and arbcom consultations when needed as well as training for arbcom members and moderators. in 2020, WMNL is looking at developing a new moderated platform where ideas and experiences can be exchanged in a friendly and safe environment. It would be interesting depending on WMNL's ideas around this to see how Wikimedia Space could be an interesting tool to develop such a space.

The Free Content program continues to build upon WMNL's successful GLAM interactions and especially around releasing relevant free content to the Wikimedia platforms, as well as around Education partnerships. This program proposes to continue developing structured interactions with partners through workshops (GLAM) and an Education program (with specialist schools such as the ITV Hogeschool for interpreters and translators) among others. In 2020, WMNL intends to focus on Linked Open Data and research how Linked Open Data actually supports an institution or organization's work. WMNL has also submitted an application for a two-year program to develop the relationship between libraries and the Wikimedia Open Knowledge Movement. WMNL is looking at researching the quality of knowledge present on Dutch projects, which shows that they have a

WMNL's Outreach program is meant to increase the reputation of Wikimedia in order to push potential participants (general public, institutions such as heritage institutions, or policy makers) to find it worthwhile to make a contribution. This is achieved through various outreach programs where WMNL showcases its programs and the community's contributions, such as the WikiConNL.

WMNL's programs have proven over the years they can have a sustained impact, if sometimes low for the traditional grant metrics. WMNL has been receptive to the developments of the Movement Strategy Process (and instrumental in working to advance it) and the needs of its various constituents and close communities over the year, constantly listening to incorporate new elements of reflexion around equity and community health in its programs. We are looking forward to working with WMNL this year and identifying synergies with movement trends and activities that we can carry out together.

Budget & grant requestEdit

Wikimedia Nederland is asking for 340,000 EUR which is in line with the past few years requests. In past years WMNL has been able to secure outside funding that have allowed them to focus on specific projects. We are looking forward to the outcome of their focus on external grants and potential fundraising activities.

  • Recommendation: We recommend granting Wikimedia Nederland its full request of 340,000 EUR. Request granted Delphine (WMF) (talk) 14:33, 5 December 2019 (UTC)