Grants:APG/Funds Dissemination Committee/Members/2013-2014 round1/Deliberations

FDC Deliberations

  • Dates: Nov 17-Nov 21 (Sunday-Thursday), 2013
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Note that this schedule may change as needed to accomodate the FDC and will be modified as needed.

Expected attendees

  • Board representatives to the FDC:
    • Patricio Lorente
    • Bishakha Datta
  • FDC members
    • 9 members
  • FDC staff
    • Katy Love (facilitation, staff assessments, charts, notes)
    • Winifred Olliff (staff assessments, charts, notes)
    • Jessie Wild (Grantmaking team; financial analysis, charts, notes)
    • Anasuya Sengupta (facilitation, staff assessments, charts, notes)
  • WMF staff (throughout or for specific parts)
    • Adele Vrana (Grantmaking team; program logistics)
    • Garfield Byrd (Finance; throughout)
    • Stephen LaPorte (Legal; Sunday morning only)
    • Sue Gardner (ED; Sunday morning only)
    • Frank Schulenburg (Program design and evaluation; Sunday afternoon, Thursday morning)
    • Asaf Bartov (Project & Events Grants; Sunday afternoon only)

Proposed schedule


Sunday Nov 17

  • 10am Welcome, introductions: Anasuya
    • Welcome and introduction of "new" participants
    • Logistical issues including IT network
    • Ground rules
  • 10:20am Review roles, elections for office bearers: Chair
    • Review office bearer rules; make wanted modification of roles and agree of procedure to follow on this year election
    • Any general statements from members relevant for the election
    • Election of chair
    • Election of vice chair
    • Election of secretary
Announcement to be made after meeting
  • 11:00am Issues of Conflict of Interest, supported by Stephen, Led by Chair 30 min
  • 11:30am Conversation with Sue (update on transition, reflections on the FDC, etc)
  • 12pm Lunch, information from Board, joined by Frank, Garfield, Asaf, Jessie (and Sue and Stephen depart after lunch)
  • 12:50 agree on proposal review process, including order of proposals: Chair
    • Total budget available for Round 1 after reservations from total year budget for round 2, mean total from first allocation: Jessie (5 mins)
    • Decide on order of proposal in deliberations
    • Decide on facilitation of deliberation, timekeeping
    • Decide on schedule per deliberation
  • 1:30pm Review Finance, Program & Grant history report: Frank, Asaf
    • Program review at high level: Frank 60 min
    • Grants compliance review: Asaf 30 min
  • 3pm General session ends, time for special meetings
    • 15 minutes short get together for new and old functionaries and staff to check transfer and expectations (and support)
    • 45 minutes Notes of meeting and preparation of recommendation before Tue afternoon session. Old and new Secretary, Katy, Winifred and others according to interest
  • 4pm Close

Monday Nov 18

  • 9am-7pm: Initial proposal review.

Tuesday Nov 19

  • 9am-5pm: Continue proposal review, with second review
  • 5pm: Begin drafting recommendation text for those that have been completed

Wednesday Nov 20

  • 9am: Finish second review
  • 1pm: Recommendation text editing and finalization
  • 4pm: Outline plan for posting the text, review next steps and action planning

Thursday Nov 21

  • 10am-11:30: (to be finalized on Wednesday)
    • How to provide more feedback to entities on their proposals
    • WMF proposal to the FDC in Round 2
  • 11:30am: Evaluation & impact conversation with Grantmaking & Program teams
  • Afternoon/evening: departure

Friday Nov 22

  • Departure