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FDC members, board liaisons and staff in 2018.

The Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) is a diverse body of people reflecting different aspects of the movement, including its geographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. In addition to nine voting members, two additional non-voting seats are reserved for WMF Board of Trustee members, who will serve as liaisons to the Board regarding FDC decisions and the overall evaluation and continual improvement of FDC processes.

The FDC was created in 2012, review its history.

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Name (Username) Languages Location Role (Term) Recusal
Michał Buczyński (Aegis Maelstrom) pl-N, en-4 Warsaw, Poland Elected (2017–19) N/A
Garfield Byrd (Gtbiv) en-N San Francisco, U.S. Appointed (2016–18) N/A
Anne Clin (Risker) En-N, Fr-2 Canada Appointed (2014–18) N/A
Bishakha Datta (Bishdatta) en India Appointed (2016–18) N/A
Katherine Bavage (User:Leela0808) en-N UK Elected (2017–19) Wikimedia UK
Candelaria Laspeñas (Cande_laspe) es-N, en Argentina Appointed (2016–18) Wikimedia Argentina
Lorenzo Losa (Laurentius) it-N, en-3, es–1 Milan, Italy Elected (2017–19) N/A
Osmar Valdebenito (User:B1mbo) es-N, en-3, fr-1 Chile Elected (2017–19) Wikimedia Argentina
Liam Wyatt (Wittylama) en-N, fr-4, it-2, sv–1 Bologna, Italy Elected (2017–19) N/A
Dariusz Jemielniak (Pundit) pl-N, en-4, de–1, ru–1 Cambridge, MA, USA / Warsaw, Poland WMF Board observer (2015– ) non-voting, observer
Nataliia Tymkiv (Nataliia) uk-N, en-4 Ukraine WMF Board observer (2017– ) non-voting, observer
Winifred Olliff (Wolliff (WMF)) en-N, sq-4, es-2 San Francisco, USA Senior Program officer, WMF Staff non-voting, staff
Delphine Ménard (Delphine (WMF)) fr-N, en-4, de-3, es-2, it-2 Frankfurt, Germany Program officer, WMF Staff non-voting, staff
Kirill Lokshin en-N, ru-N, fr–1 Washington D.C., USA Ombudsman (2017–19)
Appeals to the Ombudsperson
non-participant of deliberations


User:Kirill LokshinUser:LusitanaUser:NTymkiv (WMF)User:SchisteUser:Guy KawasakiUser:DennyUser:RaystormUser:FriedaUser:BishdattaUser:BishdattaUser:Patricio.lorenteUser:Jan-BartUser:Cande laspeUser:GtbivUser:B1mboUser:MatanyaUser:ThuvackUser:RiskerUser:Leela0808User:ItzikeUser:WittylamaUser:Aegis MaelstromUser:LaurentiusUser:CristianCantoroUser:NotafishUser:Ali Haidar KhanUser:PunditUser:FloNightUser:Anders WennerstenUser:PerohanychUser:Mike PeelUser:Arjunaraoc

Initial Board-appointed in light purple. Elected in yellow. Appointed in dark green. Board representatives in light orange. Ombudspersons in light green.


  • Summer 2017: onboarding of newly elected members.

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