Grant requests and inquiries

This page is for people who send out feelers for grants to note them here. Before sending out a feeler, check if anyone else has sent to the same organization, so that there is no duplication.

  1. Verizon Foundation: A foundation set up by the local phone company in the Northeast U.S. I sent an email to their local representative on Sunday, July 18, and I am waiting to hear from them. Danny
  2. Ford Foundation: The Ford Foundation ( is a very large international organization that supports many worthwhile projects. I sent them a letter of inquiry on Monday, July 19, and I am waiting to hear from them. Danny
  3. ADC Foundation: This ( is a telecommunications company based in Minnesota that is interested in the use of technology in education. I inquired on Wednesday, July 20, and I am waiting to hear from them. Danny
  4. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Mellon Foundation ( has a program which funds applications of technology that helps access to scholarly resources. I sent them an e-mail on 7/26/04. Terry Received an e-mail on 08/01 stating they did not believe the Board would support funding of the Africa Project.
  5. NEC Foundation: The NEC Foundation ( is dedicated to "advancing society through technology and helping people to realize their full potential." I sent an inquiry of 100 words on Monday, 26 July. Danny 01:45, 27 Jul 2004 (UTC)
  6. Hope for Kenya's Kids - Terry met in Winter Haven, FL., with Sandra Fenley, the President of Hope for Kenya's Kids ( Hope for Kenya's Kids is a charitable foundation organized in August of 2002, that solicits funds to provide secondary education for Kenyan students whose parents are either below the poverty line or are orphaned. Another goal of the organization is the provision of resource materials that are lacking in all of Kenya's schools. The organization works directly, not through any intermediaries, with 16 schools that range from urban to rural settings. Ms. Fenley was very interested and enthusiastic about the Africa Project, and believes that Kenyan children would greatly benefit from Wikipedia. Sandra provided Terry with contact information for Kenyan educators who would help in the selection of the articles to be used for the African version. Ms. Fenley proved to be a wealth of resources and contacts, and has done outstanding work already in the schools of Kenya.