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This is a proposal under discussion

A good minimum stub article is very easy to write. It consists of:

  1. A first paragraph saying what the head term means. The head term should be in bold type. One sentence is quite adequate.
  2. A second paragraph saying why the subject is important enough to warrant a Wikipedia article. Again one sentence is adequate.
  3. Optionally, a third paragraph giving relevant external links as a bulleted list. This should have a heading of External link(s).
  4. A standard stub warning.

That's all! If you can write such a stub, this is an alternative to deleting a sub-standard article, and can be useful in many different situations, for example suspected copyright violations. In particular, if the text already appears elsewhere on the web, make that an external link.

If you can write a better stub, or even an article, that's all the better. Always remember that stubs are only useful if someone makes them into an article. See also Wikipedia:Perfect stub article.


Suppose that a detailed page from the (fictitious and invented for this example) site has been posted with no explanation, and is a probable copyright violation. It describes the (also fictitious for this example) material Bananabalm, which is the article name. The following stub, which would take less than a minute to write, would be appropriate:

'''Bananabalm''' is an essence made from the roots of the [[piano tree]].

It has sacred significance to the [[Kikmequik]] tribe of Western Canada, and was used as money in the frontier days.

==External links==

*[\bananabalm.htm Detailed description and history]


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