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(asturianu) Esto ye un ensayu. Espresa les opiniones y les idees d'algunos wikimedistes o usuarios de Meta-Wiki, pero pue ser que nun tenga un sofitu ampliu. Esto nun ye una política de Meta-Wiki, pero pue ser una política o direutiva n'otros proyeutos de Wikimedia. Tien llibertá p'anovar esta páxina como necesite, o use la páxina d'alderique pa proponer cambeos importantes.

Godwin's Law[1] is an internet adage created in 1990 by Mike Godwin, who served as General Counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation between 2007 and 2010. For a list of his contributions to Wikimedia, see his SUL profile on CentralAuth (Meta: contribs, logs; Commons: profile, contribs, logs; English Wikipedia: profile, contribs, logs). It was intentionally created as a response to common logical fallacies invoking Hitler or the Holocaust,[2] and has since spawned a variety of corollaries, derivatives and internet memes. The law in its entirety states: