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In general, a GodKing is an absolute dictator who usurps god-like powers for him/herself, and is able to abuse them. If he doesn't, the term Benevolent dictator is preferable.

英语维基百科吉米·威尔士,经常访问撤除权限相关页面最多的人,据信有很大权利,开始了他自己的项目,他的权力有一定质量。 Like the Queen of England, he mostly trots out for ceremonial affairs and very occasionally makes a recommendation to parliament. Most people wouldn't consider Wales anything like a GodKing.

Other Wikimedians have varying degrees of influence over the project, in various ways. See also power structure.


  • MeatBall:GodKing gives a somewhat more negative definition of GodKing than the one used here.