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In general, a GodKing is an absolute dictator who usurps god-like powers for him/herself, and is able to abuse them. If he doesn't, the term Benevolent dictator is preferable.

In the English Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, as the guy who visits the power strips most often, theoretically has very great powers, and as the guy who started the project, his authority has some weight.

Kiel la Reĝino de Anglio, li plejparte trots eliris por ceremoniales aferoj kaj tre foje faras rekomendon al parlamento. Plej multaj homoj ne konsideri Kimrio ion kiel dio Reĝo.

Other Wikimedians have varying degrees of influence over the project, in various ways. See also power structure.

Eksteraj ligiloj

  • GodKing on MeatBall gives a somewhat more negative definition of GodKing than the one used here.