Global sysops/Vote/Validation

This page and its subpages intend to coordinate the validation of the votes on global sysops proposal. For each votes, following parameters are checked:

  1. Whether person who voted was eligible to vote;
  2. Whether vote was left by valid account (not IP vote or false vote);
  3. Whether the accounts identity is confirmed (by SUL or diffs);
  4. Votes from people who are eligible at small wikis affected by this proposal; this is not required for voting but may be used in borderline cases.

When choosing eligible wiki to specify, keep in mind following things:

  1. If user is eligible from small wikis, specify them;
  2. Also specify wikis at which user has largest editing experience;
  3. You may specify multiple wikis.

When vote can be fixed (by contacting eligible user and asking to confirm vote), don't strike it out, just indent it; also add it to the validation list.

Scripts which may be useful:

  • The following two scripts interpret eligibility differently, the issue is currently under discussion
  • en:User:Js/diffs — to re-check page with diffs afterwards ( importScriptURI('') ).