Global sysops/Local discussions


The following wikis have explicitly opted-out from global sysops and must not be re-added without their consent.

Wiki Discussion
anwiki [1]
bnwiki [2]
cswikinews [3] (opted-in January 5, 2021)
cswikisource [4]
cswiktionary [5]
kawiki [6]
lmowiki [7]
mrwiki [8]
nlwikimedia chapter wiki
plwikimedia chapter wiki
sewikimedia chapter wiki
urwiki [9]
wikidatawiki [10]


The following wikis have explicitly decided to opt-in.

Wiki Discussion
amwiki [11] (original opt-out was [12])
cswikinews Local discussion (previously opted-out)
enwikibooks Local discussion
enwikiversity Local discussion
incubatorwiki [13]
outreachwiki [14]