Global bans/ratification

This subpage is for discussing how we can ensure community approval of the global bans policy. Global bans are mentioned in and supported by the new terms of use that will take effect May 25, 2012, but what exactly is in the policy is up to a consensus decision.

How we ratify the policy edit

Options include:

  1. Discussing the policy locally (on as many projects as possible) and then collecting the individual consensus decisions
  2. Holding a vote similar to the ones for the Board of Trustees or global sysops
  3. Holding a Request for comment here on Meta with simply yes/no/with revisions or the like.

Who needs to be notified of any decision edit

Ratification by communities representing 75% of Wikimedia active users is required for the policy to take effect.

As of 24 April 2012, there are 287,614 active users (List of Wikipedias), counting just projects with more than 500 active users for ease of calculation. This means communities representing 158,188 users must endorse the policy. Just the 6 Wikipedias with more than 10k active users would total 217.3k users, or 76%.

  1. English Wikipedia: 138.7k
  2. Spanish Wikipedia: 15.2k
  3. German Wikipedia: 22.3k
  4. French Wikipedia: 16.7k
  5. Russian Wikipedia: 12.5k
  6. Japanese Wikipedia: 11.9k