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L’infolettre Ce mois dans les GLAM (TMIG) est une lettre d’information mensuelle gérée par la communauté et écrite par le mouvement Wikimedia concernant les activités avec les institutions culturelles au sens large. GLAM est un acronyme anglais désignant les galeries, bibliothèques archives et musées, mais l’infolettre parle aussi de la collaboration avec d’autres types d’organisations. L’infolettre contient des rapports et des récits des collaborations avec des organisations externes durant les mois précédents, en lien avec Wikipédia, Wikimedia et les projets frères de la Wikimedia Foundation.

Logo des GLAM
Logo des GLAM
Tract Ce mois dans les GLAM
Tract Ce mois dans les GLAM

After the end of the month, organisers, participants and enthusiasts have a week the time to write down their stories, and the newsletter is scheduled to be published at the 7th day of the new month.

The newsletter is intended to inform others in the Wikimedia movement about your activity, to share experiences and inspire others with your projects, to have some reporting towards the various stakeholders in the Wikimedia movement, and to call for support by others. Your story, how large or small, is worth telling. Others in the movement like to learn from your experiences and want to be inspired. And you can copy your story from your reporting and/or you can later use the newsletter reports in reporting an affiliate has to do towards the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia movement.

There are multiple options how you can receive and read the newsletter.

  • You can have a monthly copy of This Month in GLAM delivered to your talk page on any Wikimedia wiki. To receive the newsletter you can add your user name to the subscription list.
  • You can receive the headlines of every edition by e-mail if you are subscribed to one of the following mailing lists. These are WikimediaAnnounce-l (public), GLAM (public), and cultural-partners (internal).
  • You can receive individual story headlines if you follow us on Twitter.

Qui écrit l’infolettre Ce mois-ci dans GLAM ?

You and anyone else active in the Wikimedia movement. Anyone who organises an activity, participates in an activity, coordinates activities for a Wikimedia affiliate, people interested in activities, or someone from a cultural institution can write.

The easiest way to begin with writing is to start in our newsroom. The TMIG Newsroom is the central hub of activity for the development of stories among contributors. See: GLAM/Newsletter/Newsroom.

Anyone can contribute to articles by editing right in the article page.

Liens utiles

  • Home - the current edition of the newsletter
  • Archives - to look up earlier editions by month, by subject or by area
  • Newsroom - where you can start writing
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe - to manage your talk page delivery of the newsletter


The first edition of This Month in GLAM was published in January 2011, although deliveries did not begin until the next month. The first "editor-in-chief" was Rock drum who in November 2012 handed over to Romaine.

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