Future e-mail notifications

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Inventory of current email notifications




Discussion notes

  • I think you should ask for permission before sending such emails to inactive users.
    • Of course asking for permission is, itself, an e-mail
    • May be capable with some sort of "necromancy" flag that block sending of notifications to these users until the user is active again
  • And we should ask by sending a first email to all.
    • Consider notifying users about notifcations with a link to the options to opt-out
    • The above is another reason to provide global preferences
  • The feature should definitely be made opt-in only.
    • I'm not sure the above is realistic
    • Since there are more notifications in the future, consider an user preference: "opt out of all new notification types by default"
  • Opt-out link should be added at the bottom any notification e-mail
    • This may not be a legal requirement (a la CAN-SPAM) due to this not being considered a "marketing message" in the US, so opt-out can be behind password (unlike CAN-SPAM requirements)
    • We'll need to provide opt-out on some sort of "per notification type" basis
    • If we do across notifications rollup, opt out link behavior needs to be worked out
    • Avoid combinatorial explosion in user-preferences
    • Some sort of global preference needs to be ported here as it is unrealistic to ask the user to visit every wiki to opt-out.
  • E-mail format?
    • Plaintext
    • Plaintext + HTML?
    • HTML option?
  • Next Steps