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Example Tweets from last year's fundraiser edit

Fundraising messages
  • Still haven't donated to #Wikipedia yet? Only $500,000 left to go. Support us in the final stretch. http://bitly/DonateWikipedia
  • Your donation is tax deductible! http://bitly/4nWJHw RT @NateMarino If I donate to Wikipedia, can I write that off on my tax return?
Recognizing donations
  • RT @algergawi Think of a world without @wikipedia. Not cool. We all use it so donate to it. http://bitly/ShareWikipedia
  • Maybe this will help: http://bitly/2d3fF0 RT: @dgwbirch: Can't decide. Should one donate to Wikipedia or not?
  • Yes. :) RT: @Arianne78: Is it wrong that I love to use Wikipedia but that I don't want to donate money to it?
  • Thanking the many anonymous donors who contribute: It's a small donation, but Wikipedia is worth every penny: http://bitly/ 5sEHP7
  • Thanks guys! @9000BC @deanpomerleau @Mahen23 RT @cobusvw: I can never give back what I recieved from @wikipedia, but I'll give something.
  • Double charitable giving! Thanks @e_ms RT: I donated to #wikipedia and 89.9 @kcrw last night :). My $ well spent, IMO
  • ¡Muchas Gracias! RT @marcelocx Haciendo una donación a Wikimedia Foundation. La verdad que Wikipedia muchas veces me ha resultado muy útil.
  • How'd it go? RT @ouelouelouel Thx @wikipedia for making my quest on memorizing branches of Trigeminal Nerve easy imma own the GA test tomrw
  • Great pictures! RT @Glorgana: edited the cocoa bean article on #wikipedia. My vacation photos feel so useful now! http://bitly/4VKNNU
  • @lilyykim thanks! what did you contribute? RT: Just edited a #Wikipedia entry for the first time!
  • Officially closing the Wikimedia Fundraiser with over $8 million USD raised and over 230,000 donors! Thanks, everybody! http://bitly/53fc8Z
  • German language celebrates 1 million #Wikipedia articles over the weekend: http://bitly/8tEOPT
  • In the last 7 days, we've raised <$2.3 million from +66,000 donors. Largest gift $10,000; average gift $34.13. Overwhelmed with gratitude.
  • We've raised $4.5 million; just $3 million left to go. Thx for your support @LodestoneCS @JasonMJames @bellesouth @_kyleadams @SaraMartinez
  • Best day in the history of Wikipedia Fundraising: $430,860.52 from 13,129 contributors; average amount= $32.82 AMAZING! Thanks, everybody!
  • @Computerphile can you email us details: regarding your concerns. Would love to hear more. And thx for the donation!
  • @meararanadive Yes, we're a nonprofit. :) RT: Why is @Wikipedia asking for donations? Is it technically a non-profit?
  • RT: @jowyang If history is written by the victors, what does that make wikipedians?