Fundraising 2010/Committee/Meetings/2010-08-13

Philippe: As a starting message, this meeting will be publicly logged, so don't say anything about (about, say Rand) that you don't want on the interwebz....

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[16:30] Philippe: emijrp_: Fantastic!
[16:31] Philippe: I'd like to take just a moment to introduce the campaign for this year, for those who weren't able to join us yesterday.
[16:31] Huib: Landon_Chase: it was here 0400 here last night
[16:31] Philippe: Thanks for coming, everyone, we really appreciate your presence.
[16:32] Philippe: The annual contribution campaign is, of course, the major source of income for the Wikimedia Foundation to support the projects in the important work thats' going on ... and we're working hard to make this campaign a truly collaborative effort
[16:32] Philippe: We have a few key things we want to highlight:
[16:32] Philippe: For the banners this year, some guiding principles: First, the banners we use will represent who we are as a community and what our core values and principles are.
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[16:33] Landon_Chase: \o/
[16:33] Philippe: Second, we will test early and test often. The banners that are used will be the most optimized ones that we can use.
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[16:34] Philippe: Third, collaboration is at the center of this campaign: banners will be discussed publicly, ideas will be taken from anyone who has a great one, they'll be tested, localized by communities, and all of the data that we use will be publicly available for local communities to analyze.
[16:34] jeremyb: all test data will be available immediately
[16:35] Philippe: So it would be really fantastic if everyone who is here joins in the conversation about messaging that's already starting on the wiki.
[16:35] Philippe: "immediately" in this case being "as quickly as we can humanly get it up, and we're assigning resources to do that"
[16:35] Philippe: But yes, immediately is the goal.
[16:35] Philippe: So what does this mean for you?
[16:36] Theo10011: I have a question about the banners
[16:36] meganrhernandez: tech staff thanks you for that definition of immediately
[16:36] jeremyb: last night it sounded like it would be automated
[16:36] Philippe: Please please please, join the banner messaging discussions... and please begin the discussions on your own local wikis and in your own communities and chapters.
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[16:36] Diagramma: is it possible to track number of visits directed to the donation page from local wp editions..
[16:36] Philippe: jeremyb: we'll automate as much as we possibly can, but there may be some manual cut/paste required.
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[16:37] Philippe: Diagramma: We're working really hard to make those analytics possible... our tech staff (is tomasz here?) is working on getting us the very best analytics we possibly can
[16:37] jeremyb: Philippe: also, outside firm will be making sure perf metrics are done right and will engage community directly
[16:37] Philippe: jeremyb: thank you, exactly.
[16:37] Theo10011: there was a page on meta last year to brainstorm alternative banners, is there going to be something similar to that this year?
[16:37] meganrhernandez: no tomasz yet
[16:37] Philippe: We've engaged some experts in experimental design, who are going to put things into a statistically meaningful format for us.
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[16:38] Philippe: Theo10011: More than that: the community will be welcome - begged - to join in all the messaging discussions
[16:38] Landon_Chase: Can we still propose ideas at ?
[16:38] Philippe: Landon_Chase: We'd love it if you would. Please.
[16:38] Jamesofur: I'm not even sure you would want to call the discussion now about "alternative" banners
[16:38] Jamesofur: they are THE banners
[16:38] Theo10011: ok
[16:38] Philippe: Jamesofur makes a very good point.
[16:38] Diagramma: looks like there are many proposed messages...
[16:39] Philippe: Diagramma: Good! We're going to judge banners but what performs well, and is consistent with our values.
[16:39] Landon_Chase: Will everyone be able to vote on the proposed banners, or will the Foundation decide?
[16:39] Philippe: Local communities and chapters will rightly have a key role in telling us what works for them
[16:40] Philippe: Landon_Chase: I'd love to move away from the word "vote". What we're going to do is test. If banners test well, we'll work with them. It's not just about voting for what we like
[16:40] Huib: Some banners are still talking about "keeping project x free" Will text like that be used, because it isn't really true that our content will be not free when people not donate?
[16:40] Beria: Philippe: What chapters will do exactly? besides the normal, of course
[16:40] Philippe: So we have one major "big audacious goal": last year, the very best performance by any banner was the appeal from Jimmy Wales. We want to find something that works twice as well.
[16:41] Philippe: Beria: Please please work with chapters to propose messages that make sense in your community. Debate them, discuss them locally, bring them to meta... advocate for them, and discuss others with us.
[16:41] Theo10011: Jimmy's appeal might work again
[16:41] Philippe: Nobody knows better than chapters what chapters think should be on the banners, right?
[16:41] Theo10011: a new one I mean
[16:41] Philippe: Theo10011: I'm sure it will. But we'd like to find something else, too!
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[16:41] Theo10011: got ya
[16:42] Philippe: Huib: Why not ask that question on the banner discussion page and see what people think?
[16:42] Philippe: Remember, the metrics are "does it test well" and "is it consistent with our core values"
[16:42] Landon_Chase: Are there alternatives to using banners right now?
[16:42] Diagramma: yeah... we shouldn't keep using the word keep wikipedia free from advertising as a way to get donation....
[16:42] Philippe: Landon_Chase: Great question, and I'm glad you asked it...
[16:42] Huib: Philippe: the question was "will the foundation use something like that while we know it isn't true when it works."
[16:43] Philippe: We're not going to replace the banner campaign, but we are probably going to supplement it: facebook ads and google ads are proposed right now. Other ideas are more than welcome.
[16:43] Beria: But, Theo10011, if you repeat that, is not be "boring"? Whit so many people work together, we cam make a great campaign without appeal for Jimmy
[16:43] Philippe: Huib: Is that consistent with our core values? I really want the community - everyone here - to engage in those debates.
[16:43] • Jamesofur loves the google/facebook ad idea
[16:43] Theo10011: I know but It worked the last time aroung
[16:43] Diagramma: maybe pop-up banner instead...people do notice it
[16:43] Landon_Chase: I assume we will be able to propose ideas for Facebook as well?
[16:43] Theo10011: I understand that we need something new
[16:43] Philippe: Landon_Chase: yep.
[16:44] Landon_Chase:
[16:44] Jamesofur: Diagramma: oh eww, if we have pop-up banner I will personall start carrying a trout to the houses of people who approved it
[16:44] Philippe: I think it's unlikely that we'll replace the Jimmy appeal entirely: but let's find great things to supplement it with! And who knows, maybe something else will blow it out of the water
[16:44] Theo10011: no pop-ups
[16:44] Philippe: and then we'd certainly look at using that
[16:44] Beria: pop-up banners? I don't like that, many people have pop-up blocks
[16:45] Theo10011: ya most browsers block those anyway
[16:45] bodnotbod: Sorry I'm late; trouble connecting to IRC. Have I missed any handy links to look at? Is the fundraising discussion hosted at wikimediafoundation, meta? Somewhere else?
[16:45] Diagramma: it's because people hate it that's why it's effective... because they notice it.. just a suggestion
[16:45] Ziko: people like wp because nothing flashes
[16:45] Philippe: I'd like to hear all the crazy ideas... let's get them all on the discussion pages... let's start talking about them, and let's start figuring out what works!
[16:45] Jamesofur: bodnotbod:
[16:45] Philippe: Ziko: is there data to back that up?
[16:45] Jamesofur: and
[16:45] Raystorm_: Philippe, how about appeals from users, targetting non-users? short and sweet appeals from users from different backgrounds
[16:45] Philippe: The key words this year are: test, test, test, test, test.
[16:45] Theo10011: BTW when are the chapters going to be invited into the process
[16:45] Ziko: Philippe: heard it on the usability project
[16:46] Philippe: Raystorm_: I'd love to see that proposed on the banner pages Make some suggestions... I think that could be well worth trying out.
[16:46] bodnotbod: Thank you Jamesofur :O)
[16:46] Ziko: (i believe)
[16:46] Philippe: Ziko: then there probably is, we should find it
[16:46] • Jamesofur thinks of that social media study that they liked us in
[16:46] m3tauser: what about a visual publicity in various city where wiipedians are?
[16:46] Beria: Theo10011: they already have been, I'm here because of that
[16:47] Theo10011: oh sawry
[16:47] Ziko: how about making the sitenotice banner so large that it does not differ much from a pop up
[16:47] Philippe: m3tauser: I know some chapters are working on things like that... Was it the Serbians who are doing great billboards? I've forgotten which
[16:47] Diagramma: what about youtube...
[16:47] Huib: for intressted
[16:47] Jamesofur: Theo10011: aye, they are definitely already invited as far as I've seen but of course more is better
[16:47] Theo10011: still missing a few I thinks
[16:47] m3tauser: kind of banner, maybe in newspapers, radio etc.
[16:47] Theo10011: ya philippe serbians had the billboards
[16:47] bdamokos: the Serbians, yes; but the billboards don't have a donate button --
[16:48] Beria: Fell free to invite then, Theo10011
[16:48] Jamesofur: Diagramma: youtube could be nice actually, I know that they made wikipedian testimonials at Wikimania putting those or other things up on youtube might be nice actually
[16:48] Raystorm_: Philippe, here? ---> Or some place else?
[16:48] Huib: The Dutch Wikimedia have a donate by sms functions, that works nice.
[16:48] Jamesofur: yea the billboards were great
[16:48] Philippe: Raystorm_:
[16:48] Philippe: We'll be doing mobile giving again, I'm sure.
[16:48] m3tauser: I mean why to reduce only to web-based one. This way we may go further in the idea what is wikipedia
[16:48] bodnotbod: Diagramma, yes...I'd like to have a fundraising video. Better yet a YouTube video with users saying "I support Wikipedia because..." and then giving details. A sort of wiki'd video, if you will.
[16:48] Theo10011: oh yeah donate by SMS function would be great if it could be implemented with billboards
[16:49] Raystorm_: Philippe, thank you
[16:49] Jamesofur: I think we're STILL doing mobile, I get messages about it on my iphone when I visit wp on occasion
[16:49] randmontoya: We are currently doing mobile, though only in the U.S.
[16:49] Theo10011: ya youtoob video, maybe we can embed it on a wiki page?
[16:49] Philippe: We are
[16:50] Landon_Chase: Embed YouTube?
[16:50] Jamesofur: Theo10011: possible, though we would probably embed the videos directly (though they could ALSO be on youtube)
[16:50] Philippe: Landon_Chase: Propose it on the wiki... worth talking about
[16:50] Landon_Chase: Meh.
[16:50] Landon_Chase: i don't want people rickrolling me
[16:50] Philippe: I think it's important to say that a lot of things will have to be volunteer driven... all of our tech resources are dedicated to core functionality right now: banners, analytics, portals....
[16:50] Beria: Theo10011: the video can be upload in commons and youtube
[16:51] Jamesofur: Diagramma: ^^^ what Philippe said about posting on wiki
[16:51] Theo10011: I meant SMS in conjunction with billboards btw, like in serbia currently
[16:51] Diagramma: Jamesofur: posting the idea about using youtube on wiki
[16:51] Jamesofur: awesome thank you
[16:52] Ziko: ( look for the word "flashes")
[16:52] Huib: randmontoya: not only u.s
[16:52] Diagramma: how about donation through gift cards... might only work in the states..
[16:52] Philippe: If there's one thing I could ask everyone here to do: please begin this discussion with your local communities
[16:52] Philippe: Chapters, language communities, projects...
[16:53] Ziko: Philippe: btw, is it possible to donate to a specific language version (via WMF)?
[16:53] Diagramma: is there a specific page where the discussion is going on on meta... or we just place everything discussed on the fundraising talk/2010 page
[16:53] Philippe: Please begin to gather ideas and get people to propose them... I'm going to dedicate a lot of resources to outreach to local communities, but it always always works better to work within the communities with local people.
[16:53] meganrhernandez: Huib, mobile donations directly to the foundation are only available in the US
[16:53] Philippe: Ziko: No, our resources simply aren't dedicated that way.
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[16:53] Huib: meganrhernandez: yeah, but that is with the complete fundraiser also, donations in the Netherlands will go to the chapter first...
[16:54] Beria: in same line, Philippe is possible donate, in the campaign, to a specific chapter?
[16:54] meganrhernandez: right, chapters can collect their own mobile donations
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[16:54] Theo10011: Beria I think so
[16:54] Philippe: Beria: Certain chapters will sign up with the campaign to accept donations from their local areas, yes.
[16:54] Philippe: Not all chapters will choose to participate, but we hope most will.
[16:55] bodnotbod: Philippe, Ziko ... last fundraiser my local chapter (UK) appeared when the donation banners were clicked; so donations could be made to the chapter. Maybe Ziko's language/location has something like that?
[16:55] Beria: Some of then do not need that much money, Philippe
[16:55] Huib: Philippe: will it this year be possible to have something like a checkbox "I want to donate to the foundation only" ? For countries where the chapter collects the money?
[16:55] Theo10011: How about a whole campaign based around the fundraising project?
[16:55] Philippe: Yes, you can donate to particular chapters, bodnotbod, but not particular language versions
[16:56] Theo10011: videos on youtube, images with banners and representation from social media scene
[16:56] Philippe: Huib: Details are still being worked out, I'd rather not get into a supposition situation, and it's all going to be based on whether a chapter chooses to participate or not
[16:56] Philippe: and at what level
[16:56] Landon_Chase: Is funding for fundraising a factor in what we end up doing?
[16:56] Jamesofur: Diagramma: there are a couple subpages for that, including Fundraising 2010/Committee and /messaging so it isn't just the main talk page
[16:56] Jamesofur: messaging is obviously better for the banners etc
[16:56] Beria: i maybe miss the link, someone cam please show me here the discussion about the banners are?
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[16:57] Philippe: Landon_Chase: well, we're a non-profit, so funding is always a factor, but when we are certain there's going to be a reasonable return on investment, we're willing to look into things.
[16:57] Philippe: Beria: partly that's because we have no definite banners yet... only proposed ones. But they're at
[16:57] Diagramma: Beria:
[16:57] Philippe: So keep proposing.
[16:57] Landon_Chase: What about infomercials?
[16:58] Theo10011: hah
[16:58] Diagramma: translation maybe an issue for the banners... because not everyone around the world has the same humor..
[16:58] Philippe: Probably no production money for that this year
[16:58] Landon_Chase: aww.
[16:58] Jamesofur: yes Messages... Messaging doesn't exist
[16:58] • Jamesofur swats himself
[16:58] Huib: Philippe: but it would be strange when you cant just donate to the wmf right, I think you need to give the people the option to donate to the wmf and chapter (default) or option like only wmf, or only chapter
[16:58] Philippe: Diagramma: Absolutely, but that's why we think that local areas should localize
[16:58] Philippe: If a banner doesn't work in an area, we won't use it there. If it can be adjusted to work well, we should do that
[16:58] Theo10011: i always thought that the foundation and fundraising project had a low visibility on the social media sites
[16:58] Theo10011: facebook and the like
[16:59] Philippe: Huib: We're not sure yet. We're working with some experts in online giving to talk to us about what options make sense, and to test them
[16:59] Theo10011: it is there but not using it to its potential
[16:59] Philippe: But the chapter fundraising agreement has a couple of tiers for engagement
[16:59] Goma: Is there any data to know if where people can chose between giving to Foundation and to Chapter the total amount given is biger? Or it is the same and only is split between both?
[17:00] Beria: Maybe some banners tell people what we do whit their money
[17:00] Beria: (i know we have reports, but no one read then anyway)
[17:00] Theo10011: I think thats always mentioned every year Beria
[17:00] Diagramma: Beria: recently survey emails have been sent to obtain the data of donors preferences... not too sure if data is out yet..
[17:00] Jamesofur: Beria: aye, I think that is going to be a big thing, banners and the ads, helping teach people why we need the money (a lot don't even realize we are non-profit)
[17:01] Theo10011: plus most people nitpick if all the details are provided like how much is spent on IT vs. Administration
[17:01] Philippe: Diagramma: the data isn't quite finished coming in yet, but you're right that we sent out a survey!
[17:02] Beria: Philippe: is possible have a personal mensage by country?
[17:02] Philippe: Beria: Yes.
[17:02] Philippe: I was about to mention that
[17:03] Philippe: We think it would be fantastic if we were able to optimize messages based on areas like countries... if one message doesn't perform well, and a chapter or language community suggests one that's better, we'd love to do that.
[17:03] Beria: so maybe we can do some ads to countries whit chapters
[17:03] Philippe: Beria, propose it, and let's try testing!
[17:03] Diagramma: how is the testing done?
[17:04] Beria: were? in the link you show me?
[17:04] meganrhernandez: yes here,
[17:04] Philippe: Diagramma: Great question, thanks. We engaged a professional experimental design company to help us make sure that we're being accurate: but the idea is that we'll run a series of very short banner tests targetted at very small percentages of people logged in, and compare them against each other
[17:04] Huib: Philippe: other option... is it technical possible to have like the picture of the day in a banner? Because we host lots of images and all of them could make a nice reason for fundraising to
[17:05] jeremyb: Philippe: so, basically a/b tests?
[17:05] Philippe: jeremyb: yep
[17:05] Theo10011: Philippe any idea to making an entire encompassing campaign based around fundraising
[17:05] Huib: something like "We host picture X help us to keep them online"
[17:05] Philippe: Theo10011, Huib: both are great ideas... propose them
[17:05] meganrhernandez: Beria,
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[17:06] Diagramma: do we have a target to reach this year in donation?.... like the previous year..
[17:06] Theo10011: using youtube, facebook, twitter, flickr
[17:07] Jamesofur: Diagramma: I think the annual plan said 20 million?.. something like that
[17:07] Philippe: Diagramma: Our fundraising target for this year is about $20Million for the Foundation as a whole.
[17:07] bodnotbod: I would like to have a go at drafting some banners. I thought the ones here: were user submitted. But looking at the page history they appear to get added by one person. Where would I go to present banner text for consideration?
[17:07] Philippe: But the annual giving campaign is a portion of that: I'd love to hit the full mark though.
[17:07] Philippe: bodnotbod: They're user submitted from last year
[17:07] Philippe: Do it there
[17:08] • Jamesofur gets out his nike ad "Just do it!"
[17:08] bodnotbod: Thanks Philippe.
[17:08] Theo10011: ya impossible is nothing
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[17:08] Beria: 20 milions? 6 more than last year? Why?
[17:08] Philippe: So I think you're getting the pattern by now: propose ideas. Discuss them in your local communities or chapters, and most importantly, get involved
[17:09] Huib: Beria: lots of new staf.
[17:09] Huib: *staff
[17:09] Philippe: Not just staff.... no no no
[17:09] Huib: new technical stuff.
[17:09] Theo10011: lot more of everything
[17:09] Beria: the 40 new people
[17:09] Huib: etc etc
[17:09] bodnotbod: New data centre.
[17:09] Philippe: The technical infrastructure behind the projects is in desperate need of an upgrade...
[17:09] Philippe: yeah, what they're saying
[17:09] Philippe: i'll hush up... most of these people were involved in the strategy planning process, they know better than I
[17:09] Theo10011: hah
[17:09] Huib: Philippe: I like to press enter a lot when I'm tired, sorry for the small sentences
[17:10] Philippe: Huib: No problem, I do
[17:10] Jamesofur: we need a new data center horribly, eww Tampa a/c issues
[17:10] Philippe: it
[17:10] Philippe: too
[17:10] bodnotbod: World domination doesn't come cheap. May have to mount legal defence against Rupert Murdoch for aggregating his content :O)
[17:10] Philippe: (bodnotbod for world overlord!)
[17:10] Diagramma: is the 2011 budget will be out by the fundraising time?
[17:10] Huib: Nice banner bodnotbod "We want to rule the world, but it cost losts of money! help us now!"
[17:10] Philippe: Diagramma: It's out now, I believe, but I'll double-check that.
[17:10] bodnotbod: Huib , hee hee :O)
[17:11] Beria: Philippe: is a good ideia tell that to people? Because many of then will react just like I did
[17:11] Beria: we need a "fundrainsing introduction"
[17:11] Philippe: Beria: It's a constant source of education, right? So many people don't understand that the Foundation, a charity, supports the fifth largest website in the world, and does it on a very very lean budget.
[17:11] Philippe: So we need to find ways to educate people about that.
[17:12] Beria: videos? text?
[17:12] Goma: Philippe: Is there any data to know if where people can chose between giving to Foundation and to Chapter the total amount given is biger? Or it is the same and only is split between both?
[17:12] Philippe: The truth is, the impact per dollar when put to Wikimedia is fantastic, compared to almost every other charity. They all do great work, of course, but when you consider serving around 380 million unique visitors per MONTH, the value for the dollar is incredibly high.
[17:12] Beria: i vote for videos, if they say what their money can do...
[17:13] bodnotbod: We could have a picture of Jimmy Wales drinking liquor out of a paper bag, sitting on a kerb with holes at his knees. "We really keep our costs down - but now we need your help".
[17:13] Beria: that a very good ideia for a banner Philippe
[17:13] Philippe: Goma: I don't have that data right at hand, but I think we should try to find some to prove it. We're working with some folks who can help us to figure out how to optimize the donation streams.
[17:14] Goma: Philippe: In some countries people can get tax deductions only by giving to local non profits.
[17:14] Theo10011: wasnt the foundation voted pretty hight by a non profit ranking website
[17:14] Philippe: Beria: thanks... we're going to need to figure out how to get that message out long-term, right? It's a challenge when most people don't know that Wikimedia projects are non-profit, or free. You'd be amazed how many people think we accept advertising.
[17:14] Theo10011: last year
[17:14] Diagramma: Goma: that's only in the states I believe
[17:14] Philippe: No, I don't think so Diagramma
[17:15] Beria: i believe, here in Portugal is incredible difficulty to people understand that we do that for free, and only whit donations.
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[17:15] Goma: In Spain your donations have to go to a recognized by local authorities public interest non profit.
[17:15] Philippe: So folks, I've talked a lot about testing, right? We need to start that soon. We're shooting for starting the banner campaign in November, so we want to maximize the impact of every day that we're "up", or have banners displayed
[17:16] Theo10011: well thats one of the things with chapter, they are founded as Non-profits and charitable organisations, so all donations to them would be tax deductable.
[17:16] Philippe: In order to do that, we're going to need to start testing our mechanisms and messages soon. We need to make sure that we have the infrastructure in place to do the things we need to do and maximize the value of every day that we have banners in front of people.
[17:16] Philippe: But we can only test messages if we have some to test
[17:16] Huib: Philippe: when will there be a committee?
[17:17] Philippe: Huib: This is it. You're on it. Sign up on the meta page.
[17:17] Diagramma: when is the dateline for content testing submission...when will be the testing begin?
[17:17] Philippe:
[17:17] Jamesofur:
[17:17] Theo10011: Philippe I have a question
[17:17] Theo10011: I proposed making a whole campaign around the social media thing, I have no idea where to propose it, I only see discussion for banners and messages on the meta
[17:17] Philippe: Diagramma: right now, there's no deadline, except that the banners will start in November. We're going to begin some very light testing potentially as soon as next week.
[17:18] Philippe: Theo10011: If there's not a place, create one. It's a wiki!
[17:18] Philippe: Just make sure to link it into the fundraising pages.
[17:18] Philippe: I'm very high on the concept of doing social media as a fundraising tool this year.
[17:18] Jamesofur: Theo10011: Media perhaps?
[17:18] bodnotbod: I've had an idea: we have stats for our most visited articles... maybe it would be cool to have some article specific donation banners that reference the article? Would mean plenty of writing work to be done, but could be quite charming.
[17:18] Theo10011: ok
[17:18] Philippe: I <3 the concept of an "iDentica loves Wikipedia" day, and "Twitter loves Wikipedia", etc
[17:19] Philippe: bodnotbod: Anything that highlights the great work these communities do is worth proposing.
[17:19] ragesoss: and a "Facebook wants to eat Wikipedia" day?
[17:19] Huib: Wikimedia as a trending topic on Twitter would be cool
[17:19] Diagramma: the timeline for fundraising is from nov-jan next year... USD 20 million target in just 3 months?
[17:19] Philippe: Huib: I agree. That's secretly what I covet
[17:19] Jamesofur: honest fact is I bet if volunteers/people reached out to a lot of sites like that we could get space
[17:19] Philippe: Diagramma: Now you see why we have to maximize the value of every single day, and begin to look off-platform at things like Facebook ads, social networking,etc.
[17:20] Theo10011: I think we can include a lot of different media if do an entire campaign
[17:20] Theo10011: youtube like james proposed
[17:20] • Jamesofur gives the credit to Diagramma
[17:20] bodnotbod: Huib , a Wikimedia Twibbon would be good as well.
[17:20] Huib: Philippe: we could contact Twitter inc. for a little support on becoming a trending topic when the fundraiser runs. Some trending topics are placed on the list by Twitter self/
[17:20] Jamesofur: I just fed it
[17:20] Theo10011: a lot of members have pretty active twitter accounts
[17:21] Philippe: Huib: Agreed. And we have a ton of celebs that love Wikimedia. Maybe some of them want to join us in that?
[17:21] Theo10011: ya twitter could also be used to track the trend
[17:21] Theo10011: see when there is a peak in response
[17:21] Theo10011: and focus on that
[17:21] Jamesofur: bodnotbod: it looks like they have a Wikipedia one there but nothing official
[17:21] Huib: Twibbon's campains are easy to create, and draw lots of attention... But it mess up your ave
[17:21] Huib: Twibbon's campains are easy to create, and draw lots of attention... But it mess up your ava
[17:22] Philippe: So, folks, I need to begin to wrap this up... but I really want to get one thing across: I'm going to have folks doing outreach to local communities, but the best outreach comes from people the communities know and trust. So please... work with people you know to come up with creative and interesting ideas.
[17:22] Philippe: Be ambassadors for the projects and this fundraiser...
[17:23] Philippe: and please please please stay involved as we move forward. We really want this to be a massively collaborative effort - that's the only way to reach our targets!
[17:23] Huib: Philippe: just a silly idea but the
[17:23] • bodnotbod decides to devote substantial time to fundraising.
[17:23] Philippe: bodnotbod: that makes me very happy
[17:24] bodnotbod: :O)
[17:24] Philippe: Huib: I think we absolutely should contact Twitter when we start
[17:24] Huib: Wikimedia has a problem page --> Can we use that also for the fundraiser, because we know we have problems every year
[17:24] Huib: we could make there a donation call on it also
[17:24] Philippe: Wikimedia has a problem page? I'm not sure I know that one
[17:24] Huib: Philippe: than you are not a real wikipedian
[17:24] Philippe: My 10,000 edits disagree with you
[17:25] Diagramma: problem... doesn't sound right
[17:25] Landon_Chase: The "This Wiki has a problem" page?
[17:25] bodnotbod: Oh! Huib, I noticed the other day that our 404 error page is one of our most visited pages :O/ Is that what you mean? Or do you mean when the server is down?
[17:25] Philippe: On that note, folks, I'm going to duck out. Please take your ideas to the wiki and get them up there!
[17:25] bodnotbod: Thanks Philippe
[17:25] Huib: Philippe: I could contact (Dutch orgaisation) if they want to push Support Wikimedia in the trending topics they use...
[17:25] Raystorm_: cheers Philippe
[17:26] Philippe: Thanks for being here!
[17:26] Diagramma: cheers everyone
[17:26] Theo10011: Ya thanks
[17:26] You left the room.