Fundraising 2010/Banner testing/Stats/Stats report 2010-08-19

Notes regarding donation results: 
There was unfortunately limited data available for this test but we're still trying to get a bit more that could be useful.
For now below is some data distilled from and 
an sql search.

Banners and landing pages: Each banner and landing page corresponds to the numbers in the tracking descriptions above. 
They are also linked
Button Hits: Each hit is one person clicking on either "Donate via Credit Card" or "Donate via PayPal"
Donations:  Actual donations that went though at the time
Amount: Total amount of donations that went through (US dollars)
Average: Average amount of donations that went through (US dollars)- Amount/Donations
Highest: The highest donation that went through

consolidated data

Total clicks on each banner. How many times they clicked the banner and went to a landing page

detailed banner click analysis
NONE: No referral data
googleusercontent: Click throughs when someone was using Google Translate to view the page.
Wikimedia:Think this may be Commons but still checking up on that