Fundraising 2010/Amnon Appeal/en

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  • A personal appeal
  • from Amnon, a Wikipedia editor
  • A personal appeal from Amnon, a Wikipedia editor

Since I was young, I was an inquisitive and curious boy. I read atlases and encyclopedias, learned about places in the world without going there and gathered a lot of knowledge that was very useful to me and to my friends, who called me "a walking encyclopedia".

When I ran into Wikipedia a few years ago, I found a place where my learning ability and the knowledge I gathered can serve many people and not just me and my close friends. I started writing in Wikipedia about different subjects and soon I found that I not only contribute to the public, but also expand my own knowledge. When I write in Wikipedia, I feel that I am on a mission to contribute to others.

Wikipedia is an available and accessible source of knowledge, an opening for more learning, expanding and deepening that I thought.

I invite you to join, write and upload photos that you took - and to contribute to expanding the human knowledge.

Writing in Wikipedia is a hobby in which my friends and I engage in our spare time. All we get in return is the satisfaction in seeing the encyclopedia built and developed day to day. But Wikipedia needs money to sustain its technical infrastructure and all this money comes from donations.

I am asking you now - all of you, who use the information in Wikipedia and are sure like me that it is an important and essential project - to donate to Wikipedia. You can donate hundreds of dollars, but even small donations of $20, €30, ₪100, ¥4,000, or whatever you can give, sum up to large amounts that help to keep the largest and most accessible knowledge base in the world free, to expand it, and to sustain it for future generations.

Thank you,

Amnon Shavit
Haifa, Israel