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Many of the skins on English Wikipedia ask for Times New Roman and Courier New.



There is a gadget on English Wikipedia which demonstrates w:font embedding: w:MediaWiki:Gadget-DejaVu Sans.css. More information at w:User_talk:Remember_the_dot/Archive/9#Gadget_question



{{Unicode}} is often used to add font families. {{Unicode fonts}}


Font information

Name License Source Provides
Aegean Phoenician
Akkadian [1] Cuneiform
ALPHA-Demo non-free [2] Mufi
ALPHABETUM Unicode non-free [3] Phoenician, Mufi
Analecta [4] Coptic
Arabic Transparent Arabic
Arial Arabic
Arial Coptic [5] Coptic
Arial Unicode MS was gratis Microsoft IPA, Unicode, Polytonic, Slavonic fallback
Athena Unicode Polytonic
Bitstream Cyberbit non-commercial Unicode, Slavonic fallback
Bitstream CyberBase Unicode, Slavonic fallback
BukyVede [6] Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
Cardo Mufi
Ceanannas Gaelic
Charis SIL OFL IPA, Slavonic fallback, Braille
Chrysanthi Unicode Unicode, Slavonic fallback
Code2000 shareware IPA, Unicode, polytonic, Unicode 5.1 Slavonic, Runic
Code2001 shareware Unicode, Slavonic fallback, Phoenician, Cypriot
Corcaigh Gaelic
Courier Symbols (w:Template:Msym)
Courier New Monospace
CuneiformComposite [7] Cuneiform
David Hebrew
Dilyana Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
DejaVu Sans free IPA, Unicode, Hebrew, Unicode 5.1 Slavonic, Arabic, Braille
DejaVu Serif free Unicode
Doulos SIL OFL IPA, Unicode, Slavonic fallback, Braille
Duibhlinn Gaelic
Ezra SIL SR OFL Hebrew
FrankRuehl Hebrew
Free Monospaced GNU GPLv3 [8] Runic
Free Idg Serif GPL [9] Cuneiform
w:Free Sans GNU GPLv3 Unicode, Slavonic fallback, Phoenician
w:Free Serif GNU GPLv3 Unicode, Slavonic fallback
Gaelic Gaelic
Gentium OFL IPA, Unicode, Polytonic, Okina
GentiumAlt OFL IPA, Unicode
Gentium Plus OFL IPA, Unicode, Polytonic, Okina
Hnias Runic
IranNastaliq [10][11][12][13] Nastaliq
Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Nastaliq
Junicode GPL Runic, Mufi
Kliment Std [14] Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
Lateef OFL [15] Arabic
Lazov Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
LeedsUni non-commercial [16]
Lucida Sans Unicode Microsoft Unicode, Polytonic, Okina, Slavonic fallback
Lucida Grande Polytonic, Hebrew, Slavonic fallback
Menaion Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
Menaion Medieval Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
Microsoft Sans Serif Microsoft Unicode, Hebrew, Slavonic fallback, Arabic
MPH 2B Damase [17][18] Coptic, Phoenician
Myanmar1 Shan
Myanmar2 Shan
Myanmar3 Shan
MyMyanmar Shan
Nafees Nastaleeq [19] Nastaliq
Narkisim Microsoft Hebrew
New Athena Unicode [20] Coptic
Noto * Apache Licence 2.0 Google, Adobe and others Collection of free fonts for almost all scripts of the world, including lot of minority scripts, historic scripts, and symbols All modern scripts supported by Unicode are now covered. High quality, hinted, with coherent metrics, designed for readability and rendering on screen for UI as well as printing. Full coverage of sinographic script for CJKV languages (with 5 linguistic variants). The goal is to provide complete coverage of the latest version of Unicode, with full support of OpenType features needed for the layout of complex scripts using contextual glyph forms, placements, and required substitutions by ligatures. Project Initially initiated by Google (for use in Android), but usable on all platforms that can process TrueType/OpenType fonts and render web contents with some browser to provide equal experience of international text for all users independantly of their platform.
Padauk Myanmar
Pak Nastaleeq [21] Nastaliq
PakType Naskh Basic GPL [22] Arabic
Palatino Linotype Polytonic
Parabaik Shan
PDMS_Jauhar [23] Nastaliq
Quivira [24] Coptic
RomanCyrillic Std [25] Unicode 5.1 Slavonic
TITUS Cyberbit Basic non-commercial IPA, Unicode, Slavonic fallback, Mufi
SBL Hebrew Hebrew
Scheherazade OFL [26] Arabic
Tahoma Microsoft Persian
Times New Roman Hebrew, Arabic
Thryomanes Slavonic fallback
Xerxes Old Persian

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