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We believe that the future of information processing resides with structured data. So, Wikimedia User Group Nigeria is keen to introduce Wikidata to Librarians in Nigeria as a paradigm shift from the traditional Wikipedia training whereby brings efficiency to data management in the profession. Earlier this year, we organized a 2-day training tagged Wikipedia for Librarians in collaboration with 'Nimbe Library at Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB). Aside from the event at the mentioned library which comprises of Librarians (staff) from the mentioned university. We plan to bring diversity to the training through a partnership with Oyo state Chapter of Librarians so that Librarians from all walks of life across the state can be introduced to the tool.


Nimbe Library- Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta edit

Food - 50 * 9$ = 450$
Certificate of participation - 50 * 1.7$ = 85$
Stickers and pen - 50 * 0.7$ = 35$
Local transportation - 30$
Internet (Mega value planx2 - 98$
Alternative Power Supply - $81
Total - 779$

Oyo state Chapter of Librarian edit

This training will be organised at Library, University of Ibadan ( Kenneth Dike Library)

Food 70*9$= 630
Certificate of participation= 70*1.75$= 122.5$
Sticker and Pens- 70*0.7$=49$
Local Transoort= 50$
Internet= 98$
Alternative Power Supply-81$
Total= 1010.3$
Grand Total= $1789

'Nimbe Library- 7th February
Oyo State Chapter of Librarians- 13th February
Expected results, with SMART goals
  1. Introduction of Wikidata to Nigerian Librarians so that data can be presented in a structural form.
  2. Helps to improve and validate the number of Nigerian cultural institutions on Wiki data.
  3. To Cement the existing relationship between Wikimedia Community in Nigeria and Librarian Chapters in Nigeria.
About me

Olaniyan Olusholais an active Wikimedian and the current Wikimedia community lead in Nigeria. I have organised over 45 Wikipedia events in Nigeria since 2015. I have led the community to create many partnership arrangements ranges from government, NGOs, media organisations and corporate bodies and individuals to promote the awareness of Wikipedia in Nigeria.

Supporting organization

We are happy to support the events and grant funding for this project up to the requested amount of $1789.

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