Finance meeting 2012/Program/Facilitator

This page is intended to provide a background for the facilitator(s) of the Finance Meeting.


This meeting takes place in the context of a global discussion about a sustainable model of fund raising and fund distribution accross the Wikimedia movement. The main questions are: who can fundraise throught the Wikimedia sites? how disseminate money accross the world, particularly in less rich countries? how a deal with a desirable high transparency?

The Wikimedia movement is a web of different communities devoted to advance the free knowledge accross the world with open and collaborative projects like Wikipédia. The main different communities are the project contributors (to Wikipedia, etc.) and the IRL organizations: Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikimedia projects, and the network of chapters, which are generally country-based but there are exceptions, there are about 30+ chapters.

Current situationEdit

The main revenue source until now in the Wikimedia movement is an annual campaign at the end of the year on the Wikimedia sites. Until now both the Wikimedia Foundation and some authorized chapters fundraised with this mode of revenue source (chapters in their geography, WMF elsewhere). Some chapters also received grants from organizations outside the Movement.

WMF distributes medium-sized or big-sized grants inside the Movement (to chapters and other communities) since 2-3 years (date to be verified). Some chapters also allow grants to other chapters, and recently some small- or medium-scale programs have been set up to distribute grants to other communities.


Proposed modelsEdit