Faith Wiki

What is Faith Wiki?Edit

Faith Wiki encompasses all religions, faiths, and creeds. It is a collection of religious texts, history, facts, beliefs, and notable people (leaders, martyrs, etc.).

Who would use it?Edit

Anyone wishing to study world religions. This would include the lay person, clergy, and theolgians.

Why is it needed?Edit

It is difficult to find accurate, unbiased information on world religions. Even though there is much information available, it is quite often biased towards or against the religion in question.

Why should Meta-Wiki host Faith Wiki?Edit

Every person on the face of the earth has some form of belief, whether they be an athiest, Unitarian, agnostic, Roman Catholic, Shinto, or Jainist. Meta-Wiki would be providing free accurate knowledge to a vast amount of people. This would educate people and encourage harmony between peoples as they understand each other better.


The wiki would organised by root form:

   * Agnosticism
   * Animism
   * Atheism
         o Geotheism
         o Hylotheism
         o Mechanotheism
         o Technotheism
   * Ditheism (Dualism)
   * Entheogen
   * Henotheism
         o Monolatrism
   * Humanism
         o Secular Humanism
   * Kathenotheism
   * Maltheism
   * Monism
   * Monotheism
         o Buddhism/Shakyamunism
         o Christianity
         o Hinduism
         o Islam
         o Judaism
   * Panentheism
   * Pantheism
         o Cosmotheism
   * Polytheism
   * Shamanism
   * Suitheism
   * Syncretic

It would then be subcatagorised accordingly, each entry would have sections for history, sacred texts, etc.


How does one go about setting up a Wiki Site? I was thinking " an unbiased faith database site."

I would be happy to set it up as a collaborative effort if other people are interested in helping.

Mike KappelEdit

I own & and I would be happy to use them for this.

Similar WebsitesEdit

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Proposal to Foundation mailing listEdit

Not yet available.

--Sean A. Turvey U.E. 04:56, Jun 16, 2005 (UTC)