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Details of the proposal
Project descriptionetiki aims to create transparency on the ethical and sustainable behavior of companies (or more generally: organisations).

Instead of providing continuous text written by editors, the platform will visualize previously published information (news articles, NGO reports, etc.) in a highly structured way. The information can be filtered by the user's own criteria. Further, the entire value chain of a company and its business connections will be visible.

Sustainability is regarded in it's an all-encompassing definition: environment, people, animals, politics.

Further information about the company (what they do, their history, etc.) can be accessed from Wikipedia. Vice versa Wikipedia can show a company's profile on etiki (e.g. a donut chart showing positive, negative and controversial Impact Events regarding the company).
Is it a multilingual wiki?single multilingual platform, initially English and German
Potential number of languagesMany
Proposed taglinecreating transparency on sustainability and ethics
Technical requirements
New features to requireIt will need a new software (prototype already developed) providing e.g.: uploading and categorization of reports and news articles by AI, dynamic rendering of graphs, advanced filter and search options.


A "wikipedia" on the ethical and sustainable behaviour of companies and organizations. Sustainability in an all-encompassing definition:

  • environment (e.g. pollution),
  • people (e.g. working rights),
  • animals (e.g. resource threat),
  • politics (e.g. corruption),
  • products and services (e.g. weapons).

Why it is neededEdit

Ethics and sustainability are increasingly important for consumers. The Internet offers easy access to information, but in an almost unmanageable amount. Sustainability rankings of companies or eco-labels for products are only of limited use because each person has his or her own idea of ethics and sustainability. An analysis of the ethical behaviour of companies is therefore time-consuming and expensive. As a common result, decision makers ignore «sustainability» as a criterion.

Proposed solutionEdit

Structured visualization of previously published information on sustainability, filterable according to own criteria selection

etiki donut diagram
etiki company network
  • The entire value chain of a company and its business connections become visible
  • Automated structuring and categorization of uploaded information through AI (e.g. new article added)
  • Users approve categories and topics of the article

Why separate WikiprojectEdit

  • Continuous texts are not suitable for depicting the ethical and sustainable behavior of a company:
    • Hard to compare companies
    • Everyone has her/his own understanding of sustainability
  • Different Software and structure needed:
    • Uploading and automatic categorization of reports and news articles by AI
    • Dynamic rendering of graphs
    • Advanced filter and search options

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WikiTransparency, WikiEthics, WikiSustainability

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