Embedding external images

I uploaded / deleted the few remaining inline linked images on the German Wikipedia, so the "feature" can now be switched off.

Discussion about inline linking is at de:Wikipedia:Verbesserungsvorschläge. The funcion is already switched off at the English Wikipedia, and should be disabled on all Wikipedias sooner or later. --Head 22:01, 17 Oct 2003 (UTC)

The function will be switched off from all wikipedia at the same time likely. We are giving time to all pedias to clean their areas, as requested by Andre Hegels. See recent discussion on that topic on international ml Anthere
But on the English Wikipedia it's already switched off. Some pedias will take much time until all inline linked images are removed. Is it much work to disable it on the de pedia now? --Head 14:13, 18 Oct 2003 (UTC)

dunno. But I think that if one pedia asks once per month to have the link option switch off, it will take more time than if it is done in two or three batch. If it is done on the de "tomorrow", I hope it will be done at the same time on the fr, since we have ask this to occur a few weeks ago already.
And I must add that on fr: these images have already been removed and that we will appreciate if the option is disabled so that we must not recheck everything again and again. Thanks for your collaboration. -- Looxix
Loo, there is someone adding new ones everyday. Check for example Claude Jade. Ant