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2022 Wikimedia Hackathon Kwara State

Author: Bukky658

The 3 days physical event brought together different technical contributors within Kwara State from code creators, maintainers, translators, UI-UX designers, Product designers, Mobile App. Developers, Website designers to technical writers among others to learn and collaborate together on different technical projects and tasks of interest. The event details were documented on mediawiki, and pictures of the events are available on commons.

Summary: The Hackathon brings together technical contributors around the world, from code creators, maintainers, translators, designers, to technical writers and other roles.

A photo of the participants and facilitators at the 3 days local meetup for the 2022 Wikimedia Hackathon Kwara, Nigeria
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The event avail technical writers the oppurtunity to have carry out hands-on pratical training, engage in technical discussions, and gain more insights into the various projects that impact MediaWiki and the Wikimedia projects softwares. The participants also had the opportunity to connet with the global hackathon event via Workadventure. The participants also had the priviledge to colectively hack using the Toolinfo edit-a-thon! on phabricator, updating missing information about different tools on toolhub for easy access to the tools and make the tools ecosystem better for everyone.