ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/Carma citrawati

ESEAP Conference 2022 Report from Carma Citrawati edit

Things learned at the conference edit

  • Learning directly from other contributors and a great opportunity to meet with other contributors from other regions and discuss projects and difficulties immediately.
  • Other communities' unique and inspirational ideas that can be implemented in my community.
  • This conference taught me how other communities encounter similar challenges in establishing and maintaining engaged communities.
  • strategy and wiki usage to preserve regional languages

Things the participant contributed or participated in the conference edit

  • Introduction and Cultural Celebration: Balinese dance and traditional song performance
  • F1 Presentations: Wikisource and language preservation

Plans after the conference (from what was learned or contributed in the conference) edit

  • I will restart active engagement in the Wikitionary [1], which is still in the incubator, and will ask university students to do so as well.
  • Communicate with Satdeep about the Rescue Manuscripts initiative and develop a tool to assist in the creation of dictionaries by combining wikisource and wikitionary.
  • Sharing with community members in Bali in developing the community through other projects on wikis
  • communicating with the wikimedia foundation asking for help to bridge the community, institutions outside Bali to reach more scripts (Lontar) outside Bali.

image edit

ESEAP 2022 Friday 18 November 18
ESEAP Conference 2022 day 1, Sydney; November 2022 (16)
ESEAP Conference 2022 day 2, Sydney; November 2022 (52)

Comments/ suggestions about the conference edit

  • My first journey to Australia, as well as my first time attending an international conference in person, was made possible by the committee. Accommodation, travel, and events are all exceptional.