Deoband Community Wikimedia/Events/Wikiquote Delhi August 2022

Wikiquote Delhi was a series of events organised by Deoband Community Wikimedia in Delhi between 7 August 2022 and 10 August 2022. Since the focus of DCW is global, it aims to increase and improve thematic content on Wikiquote as well. The Delhi Wikiquote event was planned in a phase wise manner to gain better audience. It helped in bringing two new volunteers and making one old volunteer active again, making about five active volunteers of DCW for Wikiquote projects. A target of adding over hundred quotes on Arabic, English and Urdu Wikiquotes.

Title Wikiquote Delhi August 2022
Dates 7 August 2022 — 10 August 2022
Location Delhi, India
Status done
Report done

Series of events


Due to some uncertain issues, this event was conducted in several phases between 7 August 2022 and 12 August 2022. The timeline is indicated below:

  • 7 August 2022: Lunch and Dinner at Zahra, Tikona Park.
  • The discussions would include bringing back ShadabAkhtar0786, an old volunteer associated with theme. Az-Qalam also joined in to contribute on Arabic Wikiquote and other related projects.
  • 8 August 2022: TheAafi would travel towards Kashmere Gate, and collect images related to Madrasa Aminia.
  • Lunch done locally en-route to Kashmiri Gate.
  • Dinner at Zahra, Tikona park, involving ShadabAkhtar0786 with a training session.
  • 9 August 2022: IslahiAzmi joined in to contribute on Arabic Wikiquote, involving a separate training session.
  • 10 August 2022: A separate session involving Veiled medico and Muntaqibah was conducted at Zahra, Jamia Nagar. They've set a target of adding over fifty quotes by the end of August 2022. Lunch etcetera included.
  • Muntaqibah to collect some photos from around. (not met)

Outcomes and learnings


Prior to beginning the formal event, Veiled medico joined on English Wikiquote and through some training sessions, began, editing on that project. She made over 55 edits on English Wikiquote contributing around fifty quotes over there. Muntaqibah added several quotes on English Wikiquote between 11 August and 14 August 2022. Between 7 and 12 August, ShadabAkhtar0786 created three pages and added five quotes on Urdu Wikiquote. Az-Qalam joined on 7 August adding one thematic quote on English Wikiquote. IslahiAzmi joined on 9 August 2022 adding one thematic quote on Arabic Wikiquote. Subject to unavailability of training material and resources, it has been very much difficult to maintain connections with both the existing and the new users but this series of events formed a base of DCW's contributions on Wikiquote.

Images were supposed to be collected from three places. However, subject to certain restrictions Muntaqibah was not able to collect images but TheAafi collected some images from Madrasa Aminia on 8 August. The images are located on the the following category on Wikimedia Commons. ShadabAkhtar0786 collected some images from inside of Jamia Millia Islamia on 10 August 2022 which are available on DCW's main category on Commons.

Given the outcome of this very try, it is evident that the participants are willing to contribute but there are several restraints. Making of the training material for Wikiquote editing is one.




  • The event was supported by CIS-A2K.