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The Dehalvi Wikimedia Community User Group was a Wikimedia user group dedicated to the Urdu Wikimedians in India. "Dehli" is the Urdu form of Delhi - India's Capital and the home to legendary Urdu poets such as Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib and Dagh Dehalvi and also one of the principal cities of Urdu in India.

The group hosts edit-a-thons and events to promote Urdu Wikimedia projects in India.


  • インドにおけるウルドゥー語版ウィキペディア・ウィキブックス・ウィキショナリー・ウィキクオート・ウィキデータのエディタソンの推進
  • ウィキメディア姉妹プロジェクトにおけるウルドゥー語のコンテンツの編集を促進する
  • ウルドゥー語のウィキメディアプロジェクトの編集方法について、インド国内でのトレーニングの実施。


Dehalvi Wikimedia User Group aims to sharing news, advice, and resources via talk page discussion. We encourage all people to start discussions on the talk page if they would like to:

  • Share news about Urdu Wikimedia projects, programs, and events they're organizing in India, to help others know what's happening.
  • Ask for help with organizing and promoting Urdu Wikimedia projects, programs, and events.
  • Sharing our efforts and promoting other people's efforts thru media. It will also involve the use of media coverage such as the use of newspapers (e.g. this article in Hindustan express to promote the completion of 50,000 articles on Urdu Wikipedia) or the electronic media (e.g. this video of RubyTV reporting the first ever workshop of Urdu Wikipedia in the world in 2015).
  • Supporting the efforts of the Indian Urdu Wikimedians via social media interactions such as that on Facebook.


Urdu Wikimedia is perhaps the only Indian language Wikimedia Project to host three consecutive foreign collaboration projects so far:

These are in addition to active participation in Project Tiger Editathon 2018, Project Tiger Editathon 2019, Wikipedia Asian Month and many such activities where the community has actively participated.



As per Government of India Census data of 2001, the total number of Urdu speakers in India were 81,061,078 and as per report of 2001, the total number of Urdu speakers in India were 51,536,111 (of which 51,533,954 spoke Urdu and 2,157 other dialects such as Bhojpuri, Maithili, Awadhi, Magadhi & many other forms of Hindustani.

Urdu is officially recognised in India and has official status in the National Capital Territory of Delhi to which the language has remained deeply attached through its medieval history of Muslim Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire, and the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana and Jammu and Kashmir. Urdu is widely used by population segments in other states where it does not have official status such as Maharashtra, which is home to the largest number of Urdu medium schools in India. Hence having a separate user group to promote Urdu Wikimedia projects in India will definitely help in further promoting Urdu Wikimedia projects in India.


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