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Wikipedia in croato (abbreviata o hrwiki) è la versione in croato di Wikipedia.

Fatti e statistiche

Iniziato: 16 febbraio 2003

Fondatori: ???

Dimensione attuale: 212 244 voci

Totale delle modifiche: 6 407 787

Utenti attivi:476 nell'ultimo mese


Croatian Wikipedia is generally regarded by the rest of the Wikimedia Movement as having significant neutrality issues, resulting from the capture of the project by politically-motivated editors who have driven out or blocked others,[1], but also more elegantly supressed liberal content and hyper-presented conservative nationalist and catholic.[2][3] Gizmodo describes its bias as "promoting fascism, whitewashing World War II concentration camps, as well as anti-Serbian and anti-LGBT propaganda".[4]

As of start of 2021, the situation is slowly improving but it is still periodically present in media as bad example.[5]

Punti di forza

  • * argomenti relativi alla Croazia
    • Coverage of Christian and especially Catholic content
    • Coverage of football/soccer (and somewhat other sports) up to very low level leagues and players

Campi di debolezza

  • * Temi politici controversi
    • Lack of diversity among contributors
    • Lack of updates on many pages from first decade and lack of criteria and regulations for many topic and work
    • Lack of coverage of modern and contemporary culture, civil society, women, as well as minorities and human rights[6]



  • Raggiungere la neutralità su argomenti politici controversi
  • Prevenire abusi da parte degli amministratori


Storia ed impatto

Pietre miliari/eventi

  • 2013: Significant media attention and cultural debate in Croatia about the project's bias issues, and subsequent Meta RfC
  • 2020: proposta di blocco globale dell'amministratore di Kubura
  • 2021: 3 most problematic admins were removed by community in March (Roberta F. remained admin on sister projects). WMF comissioned and few months later published Croatian Wikipedia Disinformation Assessment, conducted by an anonymous academic researcher. Findings were confirming historic revisionism and problematic content bias on other of topics by removed admins

Prominent Wikipedians