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af: Inligting oor landkodes, taalkodes en Wikipedia.

de: Informationen zu Landeskenncodes, Sprachenkenncodes und Wikipedia.

en: About country codes, language codes, and Wikipedia.

el: Σχετικά με κώδικες χωρών, γλωσσικούς κώδικες και Wikipedia.

es: Sobre códigos de país, códigos de la lengua, y Wikipedia.

fi: Tietoa maa- ja kielikoodeista sekä Wikipediasta.

fr: Au sujet des codes de pays, des codes de langue et de Wikipedia.

gl: Sobre códigos de países, códigos de linguas e Wikipedia.

it: Circa i codici di paese, i codici di lingua e Wikipedia.

jp: 国番号、言語コード、およびWikipedia について。

ko: 국가 번호, 언어 부호, 및Wikipedia에 관하여.

lt: Apie valstybių, kalbų kodus ir Wikipediją

nl: Over landcodes, taalcodes en Wikipedia.

pt: Sobre códigos da língua, e Wikipedia.

ru: О кодах стран, кодах языков и Википедии.

zh: 关于国家号码、语言代码和维基百科。


The International Organization for Standardization, located in Geneva, Switzerland, maintains the official lists of standard 2 and 3 letter country codes as used for internet addresses. More information is at

Note that country codes and language codes are different concepts. Confusingly, sometimes a country code is the same as the language code of the language most often spoken there, other times the same letter sequence is used for unrelated languages and countries. Wikipedias are named for their languages, not for countries.

Some wikipedias are also registered with country codes. If the country generally uses one language, it redirects automatically to that the language wikipedia. For example, redirects to If the country uses multiple languages, the pages serves as a portal to each of the languages used in that country.