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Aralık 2022'de En Havalı Araç Ödülünün 4.'sü sanal olarak gerçekleşecek! 📆

2022 Coolest Tool Award Duyurusu

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The call for nominations is now closed. Thank you very much for your ideas & recommendation(s)!

The award is organized & selected by the Coolest Tool Academy. Members of the 2022 edition are: Gbemisola, Emmanuel, Siobhan, Sage, TheresNoTime, Andre and Komla.

2022 Winners

Winner Video Category Category description
Citation Hunt Newbie friendly Tools that are accessible to newbies
MoreMenu Editor Tools that augment editing
PetScan Reusable Serves many wikis and projects
PatchDemo Developer Tools that primarily serve developers
Bullseye Newcomer New tools or tools by new developers
Wiki99 Diversity Tools that help include a variety of people, languages, cultures ...
Scholia Impact Intuitive and easy to use
TwinkleMobile Mobile Tools to improve content quality
OpenRefine Eggbeater Tools in use for more than 10 years
Created Articles
Wikibooks printable version
Honorable mentions