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The availability of digital resources in a given language have an unquestionable impact on the quality of tools of computational processing available, whether it be tools that serve to build or collect data - speech recognition, OCR software, data collection - or tools that are used to process data - search engines, encyclopedias, language learning, chatbots.

That is why numerous projects have been launched over the last few years for the production and sharing of linguistic resources. These projects are mostly geared towards data collection, e.g. speech or text corpora, dictionaries, glossaries or grammars. Since NLP tools require data of all kinds and not only produced by specialists, all speakers are legitimate to contribute to and enrich the database of her/his language. Therefore one of the major challenges is to allow everyone easy access to these linguistic resource platforms.


The ContribuLing project - a joint contribution of INALCO, Wikimedia, BULAC and UQAM - will take place on June 3rd/4th 2021, fully online. Its aim is to offer members of linguistic resource platforms an opportunity to give out presentations on their tools and workshops on their use that will enable would-be users to contribute.

ContribuLing's main goal is to ensure that the largest possible number of contributors can use the platforms. An additional benefit will be to allow the emergence or the development of user groups who share the same tools or platforms. Emphasis will not be laid on producing data sets but on enabling attendees to do so.

Attending the event

Registration is free, but mandatory. Please fill out this form. You will receive a message with details to connect and attend sessions. Presentations and workshops will use Zoom, time for discussion is planned and will take place on SpatialChat to facilitate free discussion.

The program can be consulted on the Program page.

Organising Committee

  • Adélaide Calais (Adélaïde Calais WMFr) (Wikimédia France)
  • Claire Camberlein (BULAC)
  • Johanna Cordova (Inalco / ERTIM / Amériques)
  • Hugo Lopez (Yug) (Wikimédia France / Lingua Libre)
  • Damien Nouvel (Inalco / ERTIM)
  • Lucas Prégaldiny (WikiLucas00) (Wikimédia France / Lingua Libre)
  • Jhonnatan Rangel (Inalco / Sedyl)
  • Fatiha Sadat (UQAM)
  • Anass Sedrati (Anass Sedrati) (Wikimedia MA)
  • Emma Vadillo Quesada (Eavq) (Wikimédia France / Lingua Libre / Amériques)