Connectivity Project/site interface

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pagetitle="Categorytree connectivity for ruwiki"
thish1="categorytree connectivity for ruwiki"
actualnote1="The categorytree structure collection is run manually and updated daily or close to.<br>"
actualnote2="So, use once a day before a notification.<br><br>"
rootcatnote1="The list below normally must contain just one category named <font color=green>Всё</font>.<br />"
rootcatnote2="Other entries are considered as uncotegorized categories.<br />"
clsizenote1="The list below shows categories forming clusters of size"
clsizenote2="Normally it should be empty (and unexistent), there must be no clusters of size above one in the categorytree.<br />"
cattreedesc1="Each row in the table represents a layer in the categorytree."
cattreedesc2="Normally layers are formed by categorization of categories and must have no cycles."
cattreedesc3="All the layers having a number higher than 1 at the end of the layer name are wrong and represent cycles."
cattreedesc4="Also it is important to keep the top layer category <a href=\"./$language&interface=en&networkpath=_1\">_1</a> having the single top member.<br />"
struchead="Categorytree structure"
queryname1="empty redirecting categories"
query1note1="Categories namespace is not designed for redirects.<br />"
query1note2="Categorization through a redirect does not construct proper category lists.<br />"
queryname2="redirecting categories with members or redundant links"
query2note1="This list contains redirects in category namespace with articles included into this redirec as in a category, or even redirects with superflous text and links, which are normally invisible.<br />"
query2note2="Redirects to main namespace with articles included are probably not redirects, but regular categories.<br />"
query2note3="Other redirects linking categories need to be emptied before redirect deletion.<br />"


pagetitle="Isolated articles by category for ruwiki"
thish1="isolated articles by category for ruwiki"
howoften="The list of isolated articles is collected manually and updated on a daily basis or close to.<br>So, use once a day for each particular category name."
example="Example: Писатели России"
catnamereq="Enter a category name"
catnamedo="and hit enter"
top1name="top 100 categories on isolated pages count"
top2name="top 100 categories on isolated pages ratio"
submenudesc="this is the list of all isolated articles for the category"
suggest="suggest links"


mainh1="Connectivity Project"
isolatedarticles="navigate isolates for ruwiki"
bycategory="by category"
allsuggestions="with suggestions"
resolvedisambigs="disambigue links"
justlink="iwiki spy"
parttranslate="spy links"
translatenlink="translate & link"
byclastertype="by claster type"
orphanes="orphaned articles"
bycreator="by creator"
deadend="dead-end articles"
disambig="disambiguate links"
cattreecon="categorytree connectivity"
mywikipage="my russian userpage"
botwikipage="my bot's page"
commondisc="our shared discussion"
srclocation="For sources refer to"
nohost="is unavailable, looks like sql is not up on $dbhost"
nodata="no data for the given language prepared"
noudb="user database does not exist for some reason, looks like problems to $dbhost"
hostisnotallowed="access to sql server on $dbhost from hemlock is not granted"
dbjustcreated="requested table does not exitst, hopefully user database is only just created, this means it is not so far for system to be up"
listend="end of the list"
reptext="For data from"
runtext="Bot started"
acttext="This page updated"


pagetitle="Isolated article creators for ruwiki"
thish1="isolated article creators for ruwiki"
example="Example: Maximaximax"
unamereq="Enter a user name"
unamedo="and hit enter"
list1expl="this is the list of isolated articles created by"
list2name="users on amount of isolated articles created"
whatisit="This page contains the lists of users who created isolated articles, it is ordered by the amount of isolated articles created."
suggest="suggest links"


pagetitle="Disambiguation pages linked from articles"
thish1="linked disambiguation pages"
whatisit="This page contains the lists of disambiguation pages ordered by amount of links from articles. Links having a reversed pair (like in {{otheruses}}) are not taken into account."
_of_X_does_="of article links point"
_of_X="of disambiguation pages instead"
drdi_text="Disambiguation rule disregard index"


pagetitle="Mashiah's Connectivity Projects"
par1="Let define articles as named connected texts in main namespace with content about one of possible meanings of the term used as the text name."
par2="Disambiguation articles describe multiple term meanings, collaborative lists and redirection pages contain no connected text, so they both cannot be threated as articles according to the definition above."
par3="Links from chronological articles are not enough as providing low achievability to articles they link. Thus we do not take them into account doing orphaned and other isolated articles analysis."
par4="Dead-end articles do not contain any links to other existent non-chronological articles."
zns_contains_="Main namespace consists of"
_of_them_crono="of them are chronological articles"
avg_chrono_links_="Average chronological article links"
other_links_="Other articles link in average just"
_of_links_are_to_chrono="of links between articles are links to chrono articles"
avg_chrono_is_linked_by_="Average chrono article is linked from"


<h2>project status</h2>

The following tasks are now solved:

 <li>Dead-end articles list according to the definition above</li>
 <li>Orphaned articles list according to the definition above</li>
 <li>All types of isolated clusters and chains of isolated clusters,
     which are present and have size less than some threshold</li>

<p>Some of the tasks solved by the way:</p>
 <li>List multiple redirects, which for unknown reason is more
     complete than the list MediaWiki produces</li>
 <li>List of wrong redirects (having uncommented text with links after
     redirection magic.</li>
 <li>Statistics on isolated clusters amount for different types of
 <li>Data for querying isolated articles by authors and categories</li>
 <li>Suggestions on isolated articles resolving based on resolving
     links to disambiguations, and interwiki lookup.</li>

<h2>what's wrong with it</h2>
<p>It is ok for 300 000 articles, but for enwiki it is too slow yet.</p>
<p>AWB is actually used to apply the data (set/remove some templates).
Will be solved when my stupid brain overcome the task of templates management in perl, or
may be when one or more smart brains will come with their help.</p>


MediaWiki among other things collects two lists:
orphaned and deadend pages. Let see how good they are.
It is important to understand what the difference between page and article is.
Page is everything in main namespace, which is not a redirect, including
disambiguation pages. The page is linked when any link from other page points
to the page we are considering. Even when this link is from other namespaces
(page has been considered to be deleted e.g. or just a discussion about this
page taken place somewhere) or from a disambiguation page (disambiguations are
not to be linked, so links from disambiguations do not help connecting articles 
one to another).

<p>MediaWiki also does not recognise links from lists or
chronological articles.
Such links are rarely relevant and nobody usually came from them. Other rules
can also be introduced when we need to understand how well connected our
articles are.</p>

<p>Thinking about connectivity we may need to consider more
than just orphanes. There may be a group of two, three or more pages connecting
each other but without any links from outside of the group, 
i.e. isolated clusters (or strongly connected components).
One cluster may link other and there may be
a chain of isolated clusters, which is not linked from the main connected 
component containing most part of good articles. MediaWiki does not recognize
isolated articles at all.</p>

<p>When MediaWiki locates dead-end pages it looks if the
page contain a link. It doesn't matter for the engine if this link is
set from a template and just talks about some problems in a page or the
link is to an article. Links to disambiguation pages are also threated
as valid by the engine.</p>

<p>Connectivity analysis for articles allows to authors
make their articles better adding them an attention of other people, who
are authors of other articles or just readers following links.</p>

<p>One more point to begin with connectivity analysis is that
this task is usually solved with procedural languages analyzing offline
links bases.
In order to make the connectivity data more actual it is necessary to
run the analyzer closer to severs to avoid large data transmittal. So,
it is required to be written in SQL, and there were no SQL solutions
for oriented graph connectivity analysis introduced. So, here we go.</p>


pagetitle="Lists of isolated articles"
thish1="available lists of isolated articles"
description="Some data on isolated articles is available here in the form of lists. This includes:"
fl_disambig="Full list of articles with suggestions on links disambiguation"
fl_interlink="Full list of articles with suggestion on linking from interwiki spy"
fl_translate="Full list of articles with suggestions on linking with translation"


pagetitle="Suggest a link for isolated articles"
thish1="suggest a link for isolated articles for ruwiki"
ianamereq="Enter your isolated article name"
ianamedo="and hit enter"
clause1="All suggestion types cannot be shown together by categories. Try for particular article name or by a suggestion type."
clause2="What if it does not suggest?"
clause3="Most likely the article has no or low on interwiki links, add few and wait for hope one or two days, then look again, the suggestions may have slightly changed."
clause4="The article maybe non-isolated, did not exist or was non-isolated when latest data been collected."
sggclause0="may have linked through disambiguation page"
sggclause1="Based on disambiguation links analysis, this isolated article may become linked from the following articles:"
sggclause2="Note that chronological articles and collaborative list do not form valid links."
sggclause3="They can be considered for links pointing disambiguation pages cleanup."
sggclause4="other languages based suggestion for linking"
sggclause5="Interwiki analysis shows that interlinked articles are linked in their language sections, and the foreign linkers also have interwiki to ru:"
sggclause6="suggestion for translation"
sggclause7="Interwiki analysis shows that interlinked articles are linked in their language sections, so linking pages can be translated:"
googleonwikipedia="search Wikipedia with Google"
submenu1desc="this is the list of isolated articles linked from linked disambiguation pages for category"
submenu2desc="this is the list of isolated articles with linking suggestions for category"
submenu3desc="this is the list of isolated articles with translation suggestions"
subclause1="Isolated articles below are linked from disambiguation pages, which are also linked from regular articles.<br />This is a chance for both, making isolated articles linked, or making disambiguation pages not linked from articles directly."
subclause2="Categories below are ordered by amount of isolated articles having links from disambiguations, which are also linked from other articles."
subclause3="Isolated articles below are inter-wiki lined by non-isolated articles, and articles linking them are also interwiki-linked back to [[ru:]]."
subclause4="Categories below are ordered by amount of isolated articles, which can may have linked, because some of interwiki links for that articles point to linked pages and linking articles also have backward intewiki links."
subclause5="Isolated articles below are inter-wiki lined by non-isolated articles, and articles linking them can be translated and then link isolates."
subclause6="Categories below are ordered by amount of isolated articles, which mave have linked, because some of interwiki links for that articles point to linked pages and linking articles can be translated to link isolates."
r_notrecognized="<font color=red>Article is not recognized as isolated. Due to performance limitation suggestions are limited by <a href="">isolated articles</a> only.</font>"
r_orphaned="Article is recognized as orphaned article.<table class=\"w\" style=\"border-collapse:collapse; background-color:transparent; margin:0 auto\"><tr><td style=\"vertical-align:top;color:#B4B6F6;font-size:400%;font-family:serif; padding:0 0.2em\">«</td><td><a href=\"\">Orphaned articles</a> cannot be open with a hyperlink reading other <a href=\"\">articles</a> (links from chronological articles are not taken into account); work on orphaned articles linking from other related articles is welcome.<br><br>It should be especially noted that links through redirection pages and chains of redirects are taken into account.</td><td style=\"vertical-align:bottom;color:#B4B6F6;font-size:400%;font-family:serif;padding:0 0.2em\">»</td></tr></table>"
r_isolated="Article is recognized as isolated article linked from other isolated articles.<table class=\"w\" style=\"border-collapse:collapse; background-color:transparent; margin:0 auto\"><tr><td style=\"vertical-align:top;color:#B4B6F6;font-size:400%;font-family:serif; padding:0 0.2em\">«</td><td><a href=\"\">Isolated articles</a> are <a href=\"\">articles</a> unreachable walking with hyperlinks from vast majority of other articles.<br><br>Isolated articles can form <a href=\"\">isolated clusters</a>. Members of isolated clusters are all reachable from each other within the cluster.<br><br>Linked with one-way links clusters can form <a href=\"\">chains of isolated clusters.</a><br><br>Isolated articles analysis does not take into account links from chronological articles.</td><td style=\"vertical-align:bottom;color:#B4B6F6;font-size:400%;font-family:serif;padding:0 0.2em\">»</td></tr></table>"