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The type of cultural heritage which we are looking for are immovable man-made objects that have gained official recognition as cultural heritage by either an intergovernmental organisation or a national or subnational government body.

Additionally, we are primarily focused on visible cultural heritage, and less interested in either submerged or interred objects. However, exceptions can be made.

Data requested


The following are necessary (to the extent they are known):

  • Country
  • Language – the language of any descriptions
  • Id – the unique id of the object
  • Administrative subdivision – the administrative subdivision in which the object is located. This should ideally be as detailed as possible, so all of the following (or equivalent) are of interest:
    • Region
    • County
    • Municipality
    • District/City/Village (only if easily available)
  • Name – the "everyday" name of the object
  • Address – the street address (or similar) for the object
  • Coordinates – the coordinates (centroid) of the object (WGS84)
  • Url – a url to the entry for the object on the government homepage (if any)

The following are of interest but not necessary:

  • Short description (ideally less than 100 characters)
  • Building/Object type
  • Year in which the object was constructed
  • Architect (for buildings)
  • Any older ids for the object which may have been used in literature
  • Any freely licensed images of the object



For the information to be easily usable, it has to be provided electronically in a structured format. Desired formats are:

  • Excel/Spreadsheet
  • CSV
  • a database extract

Formats that may be ok include:

  • PDF (where the text can be selected)
  • Word/Text documents (where the information is clearly structured as e.g. bullet lists)

Unsuitable formats are:

  • Images
  • Scanned pages
  • Unstructured text (e.g. prose text where the different parameters cannot easily be isolated)