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Government agencies and cultural heritage in MoroccoEdit

  1. Website Managed by the Ministry of Culture:
  2. 9 World heritage sites in Morocco

Legislated protection of cultural heritage in MoroccoEdit

List of laws relative to protection of cultural heritage in Morocco (in French, will be translated asap). [1]

Databases of cultural heritage in MoroccoEdit

Policy decisions on access to public information in MoroccoEdit

Article 27 of the 2011 Constitution part of Title II "Fundamental Rights and Freedoms" guarantees access to information:

The citizens [feminine] and citizens [masculine] have the right of access to information held by the public administration, the elected institutions and the organs [organismes] invested with missions of public service.
The right to information may only be limited by the law, with the objective [but] of assuring the protection of all which concerns national defense, the internal and external security of the State, and the private life of persons, of preventing infringement to the fundamental freedoms and rights enounced in this Constitution and of protecting the sources and the domains determined with specificity by the law.


Regulation hindering the distribution of pictures in MoroccoEdit

The law in Morocco only allows commercial photography of a work permanently located in a public place if it is not the main subject of the image.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 10 above, it shall be permitted, without the author’s authorization or payment of a fee, to republish, broadcast or communicate to the public by cable an image of a work of architecture, a work of fine art, a photographic work, or a work of applied art which is permanently located in a place open to the public, unless the image of the work is the main subject of such a reproduction, broadcast or communication and if it is used for commercial purposes.


Museum or archives that are willing to add their materialEdit

Organisations with images of built cultural heritage in Morocco:

Network of contacts: MoroccoEdit

Wikimedia activity in MoroccoEdit

Wikimedia Morocco User Group was recognised by the WMF affiliations committee in 2015. Morocco took part in Wiki Loves Monuments in 2016.