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Kenya edit

Government agencies and cultural heritage in Kenya edit

Legislated protection of cultural heritage in Kenya edit

Policy decisions on access to public information in Kenya edit

Regulation hindering the distribution of pictures in Kenya edit

Freedom of panorama exists in Kenya. Kenyan copyright law (Copyright Act 2001), states that copyright on artistic works "does not include the right to control reproduction and distribution of copies, or the inclusion in a film or broadcast, of an artistic work situated in a place where it can be viewed by the public." Note that the definition of artistic works under Kenyan law includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and architecture. Furthermore, unlike freedom of panorama exemptions in some other countries, in Kenya it is not restricted to only works permanently located in a public place, and can include works in private places if viewable by the public.

Museum or archives that are willing to add their material edit

Network of contacts: Kenya edit

Wikimedia activity in Kenya edit

There is an informal User Group in Kenya that has not yet been recognised as an official User Group.