This page is a proposal for a new Wikimedia Foundation Sister Project.
Status Stale (could be re-opened)
Reason Some part of them are just Wikidata. Other (annotations) may have NPOV and OR issues. No other support.--GZWDer (talk) 06:25, 8 February 2017 (UTC)
What is the proposed name for the project? Concisia
Project description
What is the project purpose? What will be its scope? How would it benefit to be part of Wikimedia?
A collection of items and relationships between items, each with a short description.
How many wikis?
Will there be many language versions or just on one multilingual wiki?
How many languages?
Is the project going to be in one language or in many?

Technical requirements
If the project requires any new features that the MediaWiki software currently doesn't have, please describe in detail. Are additional MediaWiki extensions needed for the project?
This would probably require many new features.
Development wiki
Interested participants

The project I would like to propose is a general encyclopedia just like Wikipedia but with a big focus on conciseness. It is different from other Wikipedia projects as it uses a very dynamic frontend.

Its main properties are:

  • Knowledge is represented in a graph. Subjects of knowledge are the nodes; relations between subjects are the edges
  • Users can annotate nodes and edges, i.e. write text to explain/describe the subject or relation. In this way relations get to be equally important as subjects.
  • An annotation is only editable by a single person. There can be multiple annotations per node/edge however, that can be browsed.
  • An annotation is limited in length (e.g. 100 words). This promotes concise texts.
  • Annotations can be rated. This ensures that good and concise annotations get promoted.
  • Nodes and edges get to be weighted by an algorithm based on the number of annotations and view count.

Please find a complete description at this Blog. It:

  • explains the basic thoughts behind the idea
  • shows use cases with images
  • shows how Concisia can be used to show and create Wikidata data (in section 'Semantic Web').

(I am new to editing Wiki pages, so I decided to just link to the blog. Please let me know if this is inappropriate.)

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The project I am proposing is a general encyclopedia just like Wikipedia and can also be used to show and create Wikidata data.

Maybe Wikissentials or Essentialpedia? --Ricordisamoa 13:41, 30 August 2013 (UTC)

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