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編集者がページを荒らしたり編集合戦をする場合、管理者は編集者の動作を監視する必要があります。特定の利用者に対して、管理者はサイト全体のブロックを課すか、特定のページや名前空間を編集できないように部分的にブロックします。ただし現在、管理者が両方を同時に行うことは不可能です。たとえば1日だけ利用者をサイト全体で ブロックすることは不可能だが、特定のページの編集を無期限にブロックし続けることはできます。したがって(IP 範囲の場合と同様に)状況の深刻度に応じた適切なブロックを探すのは困難で、(IP 範囲のような)巻き添え被害を引き起こしたり、既存の部分ブロックを強制的に削除せずにサイト全体に一時的なブロックを課したりする場合があります。

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The number 14 wish on this year’s (2023) Community Wishlist Survey was Multiblocks. Wishes related to the blocking functionality appear regularly and frequently on the different wishlists.

Current status quo:

  • When one tries to layer blocks the previous one has to be removed.
  • Anti-harassment team seems to have considered multiple overlapping blocks.
Where do blocks exist in our Projects?


Current Shortcomings of the Blocks

  • Unable to have both sitewide and partial block at the same time.
  • Can’t block different namespaces for different time periods.
  • Only one reason, shown to both the blocked user and to other admins.


Manual:Mediawiki.org の用語集も参照
Action by an administrator to edit an existing block to amend values in a block. The administrator that last updated a block will be the owner of the block.
IP ブロックの適用対象となる IP アドレスまたはユーザー名。通常、その IP アドレスまたはユーザー名は破壊行為に関与。



  • As an admin of the wikis, when I need to block users, I want to be able to block for a desired period of time, so that I can prevent malicious edits.
  • As an admin of the wikis, when I need to temporarily block users sitewide, I want to be able to combine partial and sitewide blocks, so that I know which blocks will remain in place after the temporary block expires.


Not in scope:

  • Interaction with autoblocks/cookie blocks
  • GlobalBlocking
    • nb. GlobalBlocking does not have partial blocks, so this probably shouldn’t be in scope
  • Only minimal UI changes (i.e. no dialog like in the old designs)


In the user interface, Special:Block will require major updates. Currently, when a user tries to block a target which is already blocked, they may elect to "reblock", which means to delete the old block and insert a new block. Simply inserting an additional block is not permitted. Similarly there is a reblocking concept in the action API's block action. These user-visible concepts of conflicting blocks and reblocking will need to be updated. API clients which perform block actions may need to be updated.

MediaWiki already has the CompositeBlock class, which represents multiple blocks on a given user. There is some technical debt in this area which we will try to rectify, but broadly, permissions checks and the Block hierarchy will continue to work as before.

The current schema has an ipblocks table with a unique index on the target fields. We plan to split this table, with a new block_target table for the target fields. Almost all queries on this table will have to be updated. In WMF production, there are approximately 6 affected write query callers and 18 affected read query callers. The Cloud Services replicas are also affected, although it would be feasible to provide a view for backwards compatibility.




February 2024 – Design Updates

Over the last few weeks we’ve been designing the user experience and user interface while talking to some admins. Here are some design decisions we want to implement:

Landing page

We’ve enhanced the Special: Block user page for Admins, making it a cleaner and more intuitive experience so that users can issue, modify, or remove blocks with ease. Changes include improving the page’s order of operations, adding descriptions, a condensed layout for easier block management, and UI components from Codex (Wikimedia’s design system).

Account filled in

  • Now that an “account” can have multiple blocks, it’s important that an Admin can see an account’s active blocks at the top of the page.
  • We moved the “block log” to the top of the page as well, so that an Admin won’t have to scroll.

Active blocks table displayed

Admins can now remove or edit blocks from the Special: Block page. We hope this allows volunteers to make quick changes to the blocks on an account, should they need to.

Partial ban interaction

The partial ban form is hidden behind one click, which allows us to condense information on the page. If an Admin wants to issue a partial ban, once they click “Partial” they will see the remainder of the content they need to fill out.

Edit/remove block menu

Admins can now remove or edit blocks from the Special: Block page. We hope this allows volunteers to make quick changes to the blocks on an account, should they need to.

Editing an active block

Admins can now remove or edit blocks from the Special: Block page. We hope this allows volunteers to make quick changes to the blocks on an account, should they need to.

Remove block

When an Admin wants to remove an active block, they will remove the block using this dialog.

Block log

The block log for the account will be displayed in the table, with the current design.

Setting expiration time

We’ve removed the calendar date picker for now, so the expiration time will be set just with the dropdown menu. We haven’t changed any of the options in the menu.

December 2023 – Design Updates

利用者のジョブの話:複数のブロックを課す (T350485)

  • When ... a target is disruptive in multiple locations
  • ... I want to create more than one block for the target,
  • ... so that I can dissuade them from disruptive behavior while not completely driving them away from the wiki.

利用者のジョブの話:ブロックの閲覧 (T348682)

  • When I need to create/remove/re-block a target ...
  • ... I want to see the list of active and past blocks on a target,
  • ... so that I can make better decisions

利用者のジョブの話:ブロック解除の流れ (T350486)

  • 対象者のロックを解除する時 ……
  • ……シンプルで一貫したワークフローがないだろうか、簡単に探せて結果が予測可能なら、
  • ……こういう重要なタスクの管理が簡単になって他のボランティア活動とも平行してできる。


  • 管理者層のうち要望調査でこの機能に賛成票を入れた、そして/もしくは使っていて満足した人たちを対象に調査することを検討
  • 当チームで複数ブロックの発動、(複数ブロックが)コミュニティで決めた方針により標準化された可能性を認識すること