2022 Gemana Gewilnes-gewrit Onbescēawung

This page is a translated version of the page Community Wishlist Survey 2022 and the translation is 75% complete.

For the 2023 Wishlist see: 2023 Gemana Gewilnes-gewrit Onbescēawung


Hwæt is sēo Gemana Gewilnes-gewrit Onbescēawung?

Sēo Gemana Gewilnes-gewrit Onbescēawung is gēarlīc onbescēawung þe giefan on Wicimǣdia weorcum lǣtt, for tōl and stōwa-æþelunga tō forþtēonne and tō gecēosenne.


All phases of the survey begin and end at 18:00 UTC.

Phase 1
10 Æfterra Geola – 23 Æfterra Geola 2022

Submit, discuss and revise proposals

Phase 2
17 Æfterra Geola – 28 Æfterra Geola 2022

Community Tech reviews and organizes proposals

Phase 3
28 Æfterra Geola – 11 Solmonaþ 2022

Vote on proposals

Phase 4
15 Solmonaþ 2022

Results postedResults


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