Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Larger suggestions/Improvement of private vote systems/Proposal

Other languages:
  • Problem: Chinese Wikipedia plans to use SecurePoll to carry out administrative rights (such as admin and checkuser) elections. There are a number of issues: First, as a workaround the content language must be changed to make interface translated so it would be a pain if other elections are ongoing. Furthermore, many works need to be done to carry out one election, where admin elections may be somewhat frequent.
  • Proposed solution: # (most important) allow user to view votewiki in specific language (without changing content languages)
  1. allow polls to be created by a community user group without developer effort
    • For example "bureaucrats" may (1) create new poll (2) strike out ineligible votes and (3) get a tally (thing to consider: to prevent misuse of #3 to get individual votes, either such action should be logged, or after a tally is generated, the poll is locked and may only be unlocked by a steward); stewards may strike votes and do checkusers on voters. (In this sentences it is assumes bureaucrat do not require NDA, but it is also OK to restrict poll management to a NDA group)
  2. (optional) let users to vote in their own wiki instead of votewiki (therefore votewiki will only be used for vote management; or even use another wiki, such as Meta, to manage votes and get rid of votewiki entirely. Frankly I do not know why we need a dedicated wiki for this)
  3. another solution is developing enother extension for private votes, though it is not much realistic