Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Search/Improvements in category pages

Improvements in category pages

  • Problem: Currently, a category page includes a list of pages, with no extra information. The list is ordered by category tag.
The subcategories have an arrow icon to show its subcategories. However, the supracategories don't have that option.
Also, the pages of the subcategories are not directly accessible.
I think that category pages should have more options to make them even more useful.
  • Who would benefit: Editors and readers alike.
  • Proposed solution:The page list should have a "Show pages of subcategories" option.
The page list should be sortable by both category tag and page name.
The page list should have an "More information" option. When active, each page in the list also show the first edit date, last edit date, file size, number of editions, and additional buttons for "Edit page", "View history" and "What links here". The list should be sortable by category tag, page name, file size, first edit date, last edit date, and number of editions.
The supracategories list should have the same format as the subcategories list, with an arrow icon to show its supracategories.
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