Community Relations/Metrics

This page offers metrics collected by the Community Relations team. We update them at least every three months on occasion of the Wikimedia Foundation quarterly check-ins.

Satisfaction surveyEdit

Community Relations supports other teams at the Wikimedia Foundation and we use satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of this work. We summarize this data on a quarterly basis and we report it in our Key Progress Indicators and Quarterly Check-ins.

Community Relations satisfaction survey report Oct-Dec 2019.
  • October - December 2019 (web, PDF)
  • July - September 2019 (web, PDF); 19 survey responses out of 33 requests sent, 19 other tasks not suitable for evaluation.
  • April - June 2019 (web, PDF)
  • January - March 2019 (web, PDF)

Tech NewsEdit

Tech News subscription and languages metrics until 2018-09-30.

  • Subscription numbers at the end of each quarter.
  • Maximum number of languages available during the quarter.