Community Relations/Metrics

This page offers metrics collected by the Community Relations Specialists team (and by the larger Community Relations team until recently). It is usually updated at least every three months on occasion of the Wikimedia Foundation quarterly check-ins.

Satisfaction surveyEdit

Community Relations Specialists support other teams at the Wikimedia Foundation and use satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of this work. This data is summarized on a quarterly basis and reported here, in Tuning Sessions slides, etc.

Community Relations Specialists satisfaction survey report Jul-Sep 2020.
  • July - September 2020 (web, PDF), overall quarterly team work
  • April - June 2020 (web, PDF), overall quarterly team work
  • January - March 2020 (web, PDF), task-based
  • October - December 2019 (web, PDF) task-based

Tech NewsEdit

Tech News subscription and languages metrics until 2018-09-30.

  • Subscription numbers at the end of each quarter.
  • Maximum number of languages available during the quarter.