Community Capacity Development/Ukrainian 2016/pre-training survey

Abstract edit

In the context of the Community Capacity Development pilot program by the Wikimedia Foundation, conflict management training was given to the Ukrainian community, and a survey was conducted among the participants before the training commenced. These are the results of the survey.

Key results edit

There were 21 respondents to the survey. (n = 21)

  • a majority of the trainees were veteran (#1) and very active (#2) Wikipedians
  • more than 75% of trainees regularly observed conflicts on Ukrainian Wikipedia
  • 95% of trainees were not motivated to get involved in a conflict not already involving them
  • 0% of trainees considered conflicts to be handled well on Ukrainian Wikipedia
  • about a third of trainees felt prepared or very prepared to handle conflict on Wikipedia; almost half felt not prepared or not at all prepared
  • two-thirds of trainees expected the training to be useful, or very useful, to them personally; approximately half of trainees expected the training to be useful to the community overall

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