Communications committee/Subcommittees/Press/2006/04/25 Lt. Governor of Georgia, Mark Taylor

A short while ago Mark Taylor, the Lt. Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia, made a press announcement that his opponent's campaign manager had vandalised his article on en.Wikipedia.

It is always regrettable when any article on Wikipedia is edited to add false or misleading information, or to remove factual information, no more so or less so when the article is about a public figure such as Mr Taylor. Even attempts to bias an article, favourably or unfavourably, are considered highly inappropriate.

Wikipedians are currently reviewing every edit in the history of this and other related articles, and will be tracking down, as well as they are able, who deleted or inserted what information where. Most importantly, they are working to repair and improve all the related articles, to restore them to a neutral point of view with accurate, verifiable information.

Among many anonymous editors to these articles was IP Journalists should be encouraged to verify this at the article's history. (Remind them that each article's complete history is available via the 'History' tab)

A fast way to lookup the ownership: reverse whois