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Welcome to WMF translation subcommittee's update for the months of May to July (2009). This "newsletter" should give you a list of all the ongoing requests, future requests, and other important news that should be shared. We hope you can use it as a to-do list and a reference page to share with your friends. ;-)

Ongoing requestsEdit

[Board elections] - the translation of board election pages has been going on for a while now, and the voting itself has finally started. Most pages are already translated, but please take a look on Meta-Wiki to see if your language needs more help finishing up the pages.

[Licensing update] - the Licensing update is wrapping up and we just have one last translation request: the Terms of Use linked from the bottom of all Wikimedia sites.

[Privacy policy] - the Privacy policy was updated a few months ago but most of the translations were never updated, we could use your help.

[BLP] - the Board statement on Biographies of living persons has already been translated into quite a few languages, if you'd like to translate it into yours too, take a look at the workspace on Meta.

[Benefactors] - the Benefactors page has recently had a format update -- now it's a *lot* smaller. You don't have to translate the names, only the headers, a small intro, and a few other strings. This new format is better because then we can keep all the translations updated and there's less work for everyone (translators and coordinators/editors of the page).

[Strategy] - the new wiki about the Strategic Planning process has been launched and translations are needed so that everyone in the global community can participate in the process. It would be great if you could help translate and make it easier for people on your local wiki to join in on the planning.

Coming eventsEdit

Don't translate these pages yet, they're just to keep you informed about what's coming. :-)

[Staff] - a few new staff members are going to be added to the page, then it should be stable for a while. Watchlist the translation page for updates.

[Local chapters] - 3 new chapters were approved; once we get them all added to the page, a new request will be opened.

[Board] - well, the Board elections are going on right now so that means we'll have to update that page when we're done. :-)

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