Communications/On-wiki documentation working group

The Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department has convened a group of contacts from each Wikimedia Foundation department to better coordinate on-wiki documentation related to the operations of the Wikimedia Foundation. The initial focus will be on content transitioning from to other Wikimedia sites. Long-term, the group will transition to discussing, planning, and supporting improvements related to on-wiki documentation.


  • Communications Department will coordinate the group's dialogues and efforts
  • Group will meet as regularly as once a week during content transition process, and monthly once that process has concluded.
  • Initial work will include:
    • Determining where content from should be relocated to
    • Structure for Foundation's on-wiki documentation
    • Transitioning content, where appropriate, from to other wikis
    • Archival of content not transitioning to other wikis
  • Long-term topics will include:
    • Development of best practices for on-wiki documentation tasks
    • Liaising with community on topics related to on-wiki documentation of Wikimedia Foundation activities


Tagging Foundation Wiki contentEdit

Departments are asked to tag any content they would like to specify a specific future location for. We are utilizing categories to help with this tagging process.

Relevant categories for tagging are based on future locations:

If it is not already, it would may also be helpful to tag which department is responsible for the content so any proposed moves are verified with them. The relevant categories for that tagging:

If it is truly content which does serves little or no archival benefit, you may wish to nominate it for deletion using the {{proposed deletion}} template.

Gregory has also setup some script settings that help with this process, you can copy his common.js page for the current website.