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Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department

私たちの職掌の一部をご紹介します。ウィキマニアでは財団の関与を率います。年間ウィキメディアン表彰の調整。「ディフ」 Diff – ウィキメディア運動のブログを支えます。運動に関わる財団において内部調整にあたり最善慣行を奨励します。コミュニティと財団の双方向の会話を進行します。

2022年間ウィキメディアン表彰(Wikimedian of the Year) – 運動コミュニケーションが主催を仲介

Within the Wikimedia Foundation, the Communications Department is uniquely skilled at bringing people together. Whether through moments to celebrate or workshops to collaborate, and while working with others as strategic partners and problem solvers.

Through Movement Communications, we work to build bridges and understanding within the movement. Our goal is to help people understand the mission and celebrate their role in its success.

Some recent projects and activities

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Reach out to the Movement Communications team by email at movementcomms(_AT_)

Principles: Agile Movement Communications Strategy

We are a new team in the Foundation and recognize that our movement is always evolving, changing and in motion. So our strategy to communicate with the movement will be agile. It is based on recommendations from our movement and will incorporate the following.

  1. Global Goods - Looking after the “Global Goods” of communicating with and connecting the movement. Things that help everyone build trust, understanding and brings all of us together. Examples of this work are Wikimania, Wikimedians of the Year, Conversations with Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation CEO Maryana Iskander's Listening Tour.
  2. Coordination and best practice - Coordination of movement facing consultations and communications and sharing of best practice across the foundation. Examples of this work are the Diff calendar.
  3. 運動のグローバルな広報 - 包括性を世界的な視野でとらえ、新しいグローバルで多文化、多言語対応の広報と意思疎通で私たちの運動への帰属意識を築いていきます。(Global movement communications)