Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-12-19/Log

[3:33pm] • seanw bangs the gavel
[3:34pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: I wonder if unilinky ever will respond 
[3:34pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: hello
[3:34pm] cary-office: hello!
[3:34pm] • Erkan_Yilmaz_bye is just teethbrushing
[3:35pm] seanw: I am redesigning my site.
[3:35pm] seanw: Will eb back in give to see if we hjave more or can statr with this group 
[3:37pm] seanw: s/give/five.
[3:38pm] cary-office: We await your command
[3:41pm] seanw: Okay I am back.
[3:41pm] seanw: Clearly this is all we are getting 
[3:41pm] seanw: So I would liek to float an idea Sandy and I developed recently.
[3:42pm] seanw: We suggest that we !vote in a list ofp osition in ComProj. Liaisons for different areas, basically.
[3:42pm] seanw: But remove people from the posts if they are not looking out for ideas.
[3:42pm] seanw: So they would gather project ideas for us and garner interest from ComProh.
[3:42pm] seanw: j
[3:42pm] seanw: Thoughts>?
[3:44pm] cary-office: I like it!
[3:44pm] LeBron: Is it a position for coordination of areas or more of gathering ideas?
[3:46pm] Platonides: i don't really understand what you mean
[3:46pm] seanw: Okay
[3:47pm] seanw: Say I am the Wikipeda co-ordinator.
[3:47pm] seanw: I keep tabs on the mailing lists and VPs etc. where I can, considering language limitations.
[3:47pm] seanw: I put forward projects that could help Wikipedia PR-wise.
[3:47pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: hmmm.
[3:47pm] seanw: Also, I try and organise the current Wikipedia projects if they need it
[3:47pm] seanw: And then I also put forward meeting items to seanw.
[3:47pm] seanw: Make sense?
[3:48pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: So, it's sort of like a position that is feeding stuff to CPG?
[3:48pm] millosh left the chat room. ("Leaving.")
[3:48pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, partially.
[3:48pm] seanw: And generally co-ordfinating.
[3:49pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: history I had teh same idea
[3:49pm] seanw: As right now we ened projects
[3:49pm] seanw: And I think this would bring them in.
[3:49pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: has a more negative association
[3:49pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: "has a more negative association" <- about feeding
[3:50pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: so you are trying to involve people more by "threatening" them: either you do or you get not listed ?
[3:50pm] LeBron: Nah i get this position as some kind of point of entry to CPG for outsider.
[3:50pm] LeBron: An outsider with ideas.
[3:51pm] seanw: Erkan_Yilmaz_bye, heh not quite, sorry if it seems like that.
[3:51pm] Platonides left the chat room. (Nick collision from services.)
[3:51pm] seanw: LeBron, well yeah that could be a way of looking at it - I wasn't thinking that particularly.
[3:51pm] Platonides joined the chat room.
[3:51pm] brianmc_: I would have been here earlier, but I had a monster to collect from school.
[3:51pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: actualyl what is the status ? from x how many percent do not fullfill their tasks ?
[3:52pm] seanw: brianmc_, give teh backlog a quick scan 
[3:53pm] seanw: Erkan_Yilmaz_bye, at present we don't really have any projects, so I can't say.
[3:53pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: thx for the info seanw
[3:53pm] seanw: So I am getting a positive feeling on this one.
[3:53pm] seanw: I will put it on the ml to see what others think.
[3:53pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: since I am just subscribed here I did not listen to what was up so far
[3:56pm] seanw: There wasn't much to miss, I can assure you!
[3:56pm] seanw: Good to have you onboard in any case.
[3:59pm] LeBron: The idea seems fine.
[3:59pm] • LeBron is half there.
[4:01pm] seanw: heh
[4:04pm] cary-office: Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: Just jump right in
[4:05pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: actually I wa sjust here because someone told me once, so I do not quite know what you do, just read a littel the CPG website for now
[4:05pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: I will read more often to find out 
[4:06pm] Markie996 joined the chat room.
[4:06pm] seanw: Hey Markie996
[4:06pm] cary-office: Markie996!
[4:06pm] Markie996: hey
[4:07pm] Markie996: ssorry i missed the meeting
[4:07pm] Markie996:
[4:07pm] cary-office: we're still having it
[4:07pm] Markie996: only just read the email
[4:07pm] Markie996: ahhh 
[4:07pm] cary-office: seanw has a great idea
[4:07pm] Markie996: as of yesterday there was no agenda
[4:07pm] cary-office: that he's going to post to the list
[4:07pm] Markie996:
[4:07pm] Markie996: i love ideas
[4:07pm] Markie996: !!
[4:07pm] cary-office: Markie996: I added agenda items yesterday!
[4:07pm] Markie996: ahhh
[4:07pm] Markie996: probs just after i checked it
[4:07pm] Markie996:
[4:08pm] Markie996: seanw: idea??
[4:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Markie996: The idea is to have people "stream ideas in" and co-ordiante on a per project basis
[4:09pm] Markie996: okay...
[4:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: (if I've phrased that badly, seanw will correct me)
[4:09pm] Markie996: im guessing ill understand more when the mailing goes out 
[4:10pm] seanw: hehe
[4:10pm] seanw: Well yeah
[4:10pm] seanw: I need to get it written
[4:10pm] seanw: Shall we close now then?
[4:10pm] cary-office: Didn't I have agenda items?
[4:10pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: No no, JA stuff still 
[4:10pm] cary-office: and Wikizine
[4:10pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I'll do a brief report on JA stuff
[4:11pm] cary-office: \o/
[4:11pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: It's moving slowly forward.
[4:11pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: We're past our deadline (by one week) ... but I've been poking and getting responses from various people.
[4:12pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: We have 3 people who seem interested in helping us in a broad way ... I asked if they could attend our meeting, but the TZ issue makes it hard for them to attend.
[4:12pm] cary-office: yeah 
[4:13pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: HT and Cary were doing some soliciting too, I haven't heard anything from either of them in more then a week.
[4:13pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: (cough cough)
[4:13pm] cary-office: I forwarded you an email just a couple days ago
[4:13pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: But they had done a bunch of work in the first 1.5 weeks, and CPG's meeting was abadoned last week. 
[4:13pm] seanw: Good you are doing something 
[4:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: Sorry, I thought that was more then a week ago .. apologies if I've mixed up when I got that.
[4:15pm] cary-office: I don't think I sent you yukichi's response to me
[4:15pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: So, current status is we have some potential JA contacts, but we still need to persue them a bit ... and possibly have a meeting that would accomodate them attending.
[4:16pm] cary-office: Indeed
[4:16pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: So, we should put that as an action item on the agenda, or try to schedule a meeting with JA TZ considerations.
[4:17pm] cary-office: yes.  I, unfortunately, will be unavailable the next couple weeks
[4:17pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: (on a future agenda, for clarity)
[4:17pm] You are now known as CaryOnTheRoad.
[4:17pm] CaryOnTheRoad: On my way to San Francisco
[4:17pm] You are now known as cary-office.
[4:17pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: Not a big deal. We just need to see this to completion. Let's take that into account when we schedule the followup item.
[4:18pm] cary-office: I think this is a good project
[4:18pm] cary-office: and evidence that CPG (and persistence) works
[4:18pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Me too.
[4:18pm] cary-office: so don't nlet it drop
[4:18pm] cary-office: s/nlet/let
[4:18pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad likes bugging Cary, so no worries there.
[4:19pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Should we try to schedule a meeting now, or just put that on the Agenda for a meeting in January?
[4:19pm] cary-office: Let's keep that in mind.  And also use the cpg list for updates
[4:20pm] cary-office: well, let's make sure everyone can participate
[4:21pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Ok, I'll post something to the list for a meeting, with some dates and times.
[4:21pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: That is all I have right now about the JA project.
[4:21pm] cary-office: Great
[4:22pm] cary-office: My other thing is Wikizine.
[4:22pm] cary-office: Walter still needs help
[4:22pm] seanw: eeek
[4:22pm] seanw: I lost track
[4:22pm] seanw: Give me a sec
[4:22pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad throws seanw a tow rope
[4:22pm] seanw: ty.
[4:22pm] seanw: cary-office, indeed, if this is workiing it shows us we are making oprogress.
[4:23pm] seanw: So, it is probably not worth having a meeting next week.
[4:23pm] seanw: But we can decide that later.
[4:23pm] cary-office: indeed
[4:23pm] seanw: I think that is it - thanks all
[4:23pm] • seanw bangs the gavel.
[4:23pm] cary-office: Wikizine
[4:23pm] cary-office: HEY
[4:23pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad unbangs the gavel 
[4:23pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: go ahead
[4:23pm] cary-office: Anybody up for helping Walter with Wikizine?
[4:23pm] cary-office: I wish Walter was here
[4:24pm] • seanw unbangs the gavel.
[4:24pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: Maybe you can tell us what he needs help with?
[4:24pm] cary-office: Items to go on it
[4:24pm] cary-office: I should probably have better prepared that item
[4:24pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: writing, editing, research, a maid?
[4:24pm] HistoryOnTheRoad:
[4:25pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: I think it might be worth an email clarifying what walter needs
[4:25pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I mentioned it the last time in wv-en, and I will post a notice in the Wikiversity journalism department.
[4:26pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I'll also speak to some of the WV blog writers, to see if Walter might be able to use some of their commentary
[4:26pm] cary-office: hmm
[4:27pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: John would be an ideal candidate
[4:27pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: But it would be helpful to know what he needs specific help with.
[4:27pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: There are a few bloggers @ WV.
[4:28pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye:
[4:30pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: in de.WV we have the prob that people say: WV is the same as WB 
[4:30pm] cary-office: "Jimmy and Kelly battle in IRC"
[4:30pm] cary-office: sorry
[4:30pm] cary-office: that's probably not a good Wikizine article
[4:31pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: ups wrong chat
[4:33pm] Erkan_Yilmaz_bye: well I guess it will be good when Histo will take the initiative to contact people at WV about wikiztine
[4:36pm] seanw: I have to go all.
[4:36pm] seanw: cary-office, please post logs.
[4:36pm] seanw: And remind me to do that mail
[4:36pm] cary-office: will do!
[4:36pm] cary-office: I don't know about the reminder
[4:37pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Reminder for next meeting?
[4:37pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad bangs the gavel